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not performed on the stage


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Jeffrey Cox refers to the Invocation scene as a "hoax," using Coleridge's marginal note from the unstaged Osorio to support his contention that Coleridge viewed this scene as "miserably undramatic." (48) Citing this same marginal note, William Jewett contends that the conjuring scene is "absurdly bad drama" that can only be understood as a dramatization of Coleridge's theories of the power of illusion.
Capturing unposed, unstaged, unadulterated scenes of daily life with little to no technical post-processing and manipulation required to maintain its authenticity, is a significant influence for me to take it up as a serious hobby."
Perhaps the breathless coverage of the talks between Kim and Moon, their smiles and handshakes, their seemingly unstaged forays to the opposite sides of the world's most fortified border is premature.
The completely unplanned, unstaged, unfunded, and spontaneous gathering of 75 students outside Rockledge High School in Brevard County, Florida, on the morning of March 30 was almost completely ignored by the mainstream media.
For others, the uncertainty and possibility of an unstaged cancer and the potential of a second surgery drives their decision to seek an oncology consultation.
The ultimate paradox is of course that Francoise's mise-en-scene should be the only moment of emotional truth and, to paraphrase McCannell, of "unstaged authenticity" of the whole island experience.
Tumor stages were grouped into 4 stages: local, regional, distal, and unstaged.
(15) These indeterminate settings reflect an ambiguity in the text; the messengers have not yet arrived home but are no longer at the oracle's temple, a site which remains unstaged. Cleomenes and Dion, stopped on the road back from Delphos, provide us with only one of several instances of unstaged or otherwise occluded oracles in early Stuart drama.
The proportion of unstaged patients decreased from 31.4% in the early period to 21.7% in the late period.
Visually, the film attempts a tight balance between a hyper-specific, unstaged authenticity and an occasionally escapist, even fantastical anti-realism.
His first (and till today unstaged) play had a highly suggestive title Predstave ne bo [The performance will not take place] (1963) pointing to meta-theatricality and political censorship.
Of the 130 patients, 55 (42.3%) had unilateral surgery, 50 (38.4%) had bilateral staged surgery, and 25 (19.2%) had bilateral unstaged surgery.
Two Step Up: The show required some original thinking, and two production team members in particular contributed their unique experiences: Writer and supervising producer Andy Yerkes, who has a background in children's programming, is a former speechwriter for the Environmental Protection Agency; and editor Vito DeCandia has cut nonfiction content and musical productions, including installments of the "American Express Unstaged" concert series.
The beauty of a social experiment is capturing real emotions and unstaged scripts.