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The diagnosis of unstable angina was based on fulfilling any one of the following Criteria:
Unstable shoes were associated with a significant reduction in pain during walking.
Regarding the use of an unstable platform and instability resistance training, it is believed that the neuromuscular system experiences an increase in demand that is greater than when engaged in a traditional stable platform.
The country was affected by surface trough (Red Sea Trough) on Thursday associated with cold air mass in the upper air leading to unstable weather, with partly cloudy to cloudy at times; with increasing of the cloud cover over scattered regions especially over the western, northeastern and over a few islands, with rainfall throughout the evening and night.
For Wednesday, the forecast was: "Persisting of unstable weather condition, the weather will be cloudy to partly cloudy with chance of rain especially over northern areas.
Crews attended but initially had concerns because the building was unstable.
Musandam, Dhahirah, Buraimi, Bathinah south and north, Dakhiliyah, Muscat and Sharqiyah south and north, will witness unstable weather conditions for the coming three days," the statement added.
Unstable surfaces are widely used in recovery from ankle, foot, hip, and spine injuries.
Objectives: To test the hypothesis that axillary temperature may not correlate well with rectal temperature in unstable neonates and to compare the predictive value of axillary temperature recording in unstable neonates with that of healthy neonates.
Unstable angina died last month, at the European Society of Cardiology's annual Congress in Munich.
Ron Ayers tells us that "Rearwheel steering is theoretically unstable, partly because of the mathematics of it .
This paper provides a theory and evidence that the risk premium puzzle is viewed as a phenomenon pertaining to the unstable foreign exchange market.
Police officials in Byculla said the youth was mentally unstable.
Following an investigation it appears that the man is a Bedouin from the village of Houra in the Negev area known to be mentally unstable," he told AFP.
Many dynamic systems in industry or transport have an unstable behavior.