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without soil or spot or stain

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One felt that he had kept himself unspotted from the world" (20).
The visitors, however, were fuming after Sol Bamba's handball on the line, deflecting Jamie Vardy's goalbound poke on to the woodwork went unspotted by Probert.
Hoadly ends his broadside by asking readers to ignore such an aberration and remember that religion itself is "all unspotted pure and white, though Some may be black within, who cloath Themselves with it." Detest the perpetrator, not the church he defames.
Coriolanus' wife, Virgilia, is already a virtuous woman in the original play, yet in the Tate adaptation she is raped and subsequently dies in Coriolanus' arms, asking that he take her "unspotted soul, in this last sigh" (Tate 1682, 61).
Similarly, in six Ethiopian cattle populations with different environmental adaptation, it was shown that coat color variation was associated with MITF, and a high genetic distance was observed between spotted and unspotted populations [24].
Finally, using this average we also calculated the average TTX per plug for the spotted and unspotted patches of skin and estimated whole eft TTX using the methods of Hanifin et al.
Although it might be true that Content ID is not 100% effective, a question that could be asked is how much money do these unspotted videos really generate compared to the cost of identifying them.
John Stones, although lucky to have a penalty area handball go unspotted, is clawing back some of the confidence that was washed away last season.
As he sat in the lobby of the Mercer Hotel in SoHo, backed by a wall of books too fashionably designed to be his and dressed in non-black (two plaids, glasses hanging from his neck), the 62-year-old guy who has sold nearly 300 million books went completely unspotted as he talked about his career's latest plot twist.
The noble lord and the diligent painter both vie for the soul of that innocent, "unspotted" beauty, Dorian Gray.
It was smaller than a female House Sparrow perched nearby and very uniform plain pale brown, unstreaked and unspotted above and uniform pale below.
Erroneous readings mostly remain unspotted by the corrector (who was most likely the scribe) (83) and the annotator(s) contemporary with the scribe.
That initial description [8] was based on 29 unspotted trees of the second storey representing ramets of the same rampant clone.