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in an unsportsmanlike manner


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However, Bilawal has unsportingly pricked that balloon by revealing that he will not be addressing the Birmingham rally and intends to take a law degree next before contemplating an active entry into our bed of thorns called politics.
Perhaps unsportingly we were hoping it might turn out to be different in the hope it would disadvantage some of our rivals.
Renault bosses later claimed Schuey had acted unsportingly and Alonso hit out: "At the last corner I was three-tenths of a second faster than Michael.
24 Which unusually cruel and eccentric Roman emperor called himself Hercules Secundus and is thought to have killed over 1,000 gladiatorial opponents (although rather unsportingly none of them were armed)?
It was Love who unsportingly criticised Lawrie after his success at rain-lashed Carnoustie, saying The Open that year got the champion it deserved.
The West Ham man was convinced German players acted unsportingly during the 2-1 defeat in Dortmund, where Maurice Ross was sent off for two bookable offences.
The West Ham man says the hosts acted unsportingly in the 2-1 Euro 2004 qualifying defeat in Dortmund, as substitute Maurice Ross was sent off for two bookable offences.
Very unsportingly they nest where we've built airports and electricity pylons.
Then it turns out that, rather unsportingly, the other lot aren't that shocked or awed and are firing back.
Rival fans began to taunt the French striker unsportingly so it was fitting that Henry was to fire his side ahead four minutes from the break.
(Of all the poets I know Polkowski was th e best at soccer; his technique was good, and, as they say, he struck hard and was goal-hungry; though he did not shun rough play, and also, unfortunately, he had a fondness for unsportingly accusing his opponents of being communists, which made a particular impression and thoroughly paralyzed the ranks of the juveniles who sometimes played with us.)
The Australian response, rather unsportingly, was (in the words of a government minister): `The Pommies sent them here.
Unethical hunters will even illegally and unsportingly shoot a bird out of its roost tree, just before it makes its dawn descent.
MY first festival was in 2004, the year Best Mate won his third Gold Cup, and I remember unsportingly cheering on runner-up Sir Rembrant because I had him at very long odds, but he threw away his chance going from one side of the course to the other in the final 200 yards.
James Milner unsportingly wasting time by a corner flag before Steve Bennett, again, came to their rescue.