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Synonyms for unspecialized

not specialized or modified for a particular purpose or function

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A firm with unspecialized assets may find it more efficient to outsource than to integrate vertically.
The women of Herland, indeed, are unspecialized for sex - they have no training in the "sex-tradition" (what is "manly" or "womanly" [p.
The rapid spread of discourse focused on the transformational potential of computers derived, in part, from its intrinsic, aesthetic, and moral appeal and, in part, from the rhetorical gap it fills between the highly specialized discourses of elite scientific and technical communities and the unspecialized popular discourses of mass society:
An external vendor with expertise and scale efficiencies may offer a product or service at less cost and higher quality than a small, unspecialized internal unit.
Conversely, when there is a great deal of variability between external organizations that the boundary-spanning organizational component must interact with, Thompson argues for an unspecialized internal structure.
All other isolates were unspecialized in their nodulation behavior, forming many nodules with all three plant lineages (mean = 103; range = 21-238; n = 111).
From here it is but a small step for Kass, though some readers may find it a stretch, to the rational omnivore whose "unspecialized and multipotent" dentition and versatile jaws allow it to eat anything and so begin to create meanings by its choice of food, its manner of eating, and its companions in the enterprise.
I, and my so-called specialized and unspecialized reporter colleagues, rely heavily on the scientists and officials we interview; we are messengers -- confused at times--but simply messengers trying to sort out and bring together what we hear from others.
Plus, there's always this mine field: The national health plan and that of VA could homogenize us into an unspecialized, long-term-care system that emphasizes ambulatory care.
In 1759, however, the German physiologist Kaspar Friedrich Wolff (1734-1794) showed that specialized organs developed out of unspecialized tissue.
1990 1989 % % 31.7 All Journalism 29.4 33.0 All PR/Ad 32.3 15.4 Advertising 15.3 14.5 Public Relations 13.2 12.2 News Editorial 12.3 8.9 Broadcast News 8.9 7.8 Unspecialized 5.4 6.4 Mass Comm.
Douhet's fame rests chiefly on The Command of the Air and several smaller works on the subject of air power; he saw aircraft as the ultimate offensive weapon, against which there was no real defense, and he foresaw the use of aircraft to strike at the enemies' cities, transport networks, and industries; he also argued both for independent air forces and for the creation of the "battleplane," an unspecialized general combat aircraft; he did not intend his theories to be universal, and his strategic thinking was strongly influenced by Italian experience during World War I and by Italy's unenviable strategic situation in the 1920s; he was the first, and possibly greatest, of the theorists of air power.
For most unspecialized transactions, each individual obligation is treated separately for purposes of clearing and settlement.
They are also unspecialized, meaning that when one of them divides, the resulting cells can transform into another cell type.
He urged the public not to heed unspecialized statements in this regard, adding that the EPA will make official statements about any developments later.