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not specialized or modified for a particular purpose or function

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The ministry had recently appealed to all health departments across the Kingdom to disseminate information on how to diagnose dengue fever to unspecialised private clinics throughout the country.
Values are here now dominated by those previously unrecognized, stakeholder communities [italics in the original], minority groups, aborigines, unspecialised professionals etc., who somehow will take care that heritage is subsumed into a process that is inherently dynamic by responding directly and constantly to the evolving needs of society at any given time.
Andamanese on the other hand have unspecialised craniometrics, as shown by how they cluster with geographically distant Sub-Saharan Africans, and seriate adjacently to the central bloc of recent human crania (consisting of Caucasoids, Amerindians, and populations from Japan and China to Taiwan and parts of the Pacific).
This endogenous process is often described in terms of structural differentiation, in other words, a shift from the simple, unspecialised and informal to the complex, specialised and formal (Burke, 1992:131).
Screening for tuberculosis and latent tuberculosis infection among undocumented immigrants at an unspecialised health service unit.
In the 1903 book Human Personality and its Survival of Bodily Death, Myers's most significant work as well as a sort of epitome of the SPR's theories, love and telepathy are clearly compared: 'Love is a kind of exalted, but unspecialised telepathy;--the simplest and most universal expression of that mutual gravitation or kinship of spirits which is the foundation of the telepathic law'.
Such a condition may be either an unspecialised or a specialised one.
1998), with generalist, buzz-pollinated and carrion flower syndromes all present, as well as anemochorous, ballistochorous and unspecialised (or possibly weakly hydrochorous) fruits (Table 1).
Restoration expert Reda Abdallah pointed a finger at the ministry of culture in the former Ahmed Nazif cabinet for accepting the primitive and unspecialised restoration methods used.
(2007) as: wind, animal ingestion, animal dispersal by mucilage, animal dispersal by awns and unspecialised. The habitat associations of each species was classified into one of three categories: grassland or open semi-natural habitats (including damp and dry habitats or open woodland rides), species dependent primarily on woodland habitats (including shade tolerant species) and species common in arable and/ or other ruderal and disturbed habitats.
In Paraleptynia females have a very long and lanceolate subgenital plate, a praeopercular organ as well as developed gonapophyses IX and gonoplacs, while males have a well-developed and sclerotised vomer, paired thorn pads on the lower posterior margin of the anal segment and small, unspecialised cerci.
Embryonic stem cells are cells extracted from an embryo after fertilisation but before implantation through a process called differentiation (a process whereby an unspecialised cell acquires the features of a specialised cell).
The prevailing opinion remained that the early-colonial period, 'with its unspecialised economy and its labour regulations designed for convicts, was clearly not a favourable time' for the emergence of a working class or working-class movements.
Poor pictures from unspecialised photographers can damage personal injury claims and in order to combat this, Diane Bullock, right, has launched Medico Legal Photo - the region's first photography business that specialises exclusively in personal injury and medical photography.
Stem cells are unspecialised cells with the ability to renew indefinitely, and certain types of stem cells can produce any kind of cell in the body.