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Synonyms for unspeakably

to an inexpressible degree

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But, however, Hatfield was most uncommonly audacious, unspeakably complimentary, and unprecedentedly tender--tried to be so, at least--he didn't succeed very well in THAT, because it's not his vein.
I relinquished my labour of agony, and turned consoled at once: unspeakably consoled.
To me there was something unspeakably uncomfortable in the solemn dead silences that always followed this old person's tremendous outpourings of his feelings.
Exactly as I would speak of my nearest personal friends or enemies, or my most familiar neighbors, he spoke of Sir Bedivere, Sir Bors de Ganis, Sir Launcelot of the Lake, Sir Galahad, and all the other great names of the Table Round -- and how old, old, unspeakably old and faded and dry and musty and ancient he came to look as he went on!
She could compare it to nothing she had ever seen, and the garnet lights which it emitted were unspeakably rare.
She talked to her, listened to her, read to her; and the tranquillity of such evenings, her perfect security in such a tete-a-tete from any sound of unkindness, was unspeakably welcome to a mind which had seldom known a pause in its alarms or embarrassments.
New to such circumstances, the importance of it appeared unspeakably great, and she contemplated it as one of those grand events, of which the ordinary course of life can hardly afford a return.
The service would have been pronounced by any modern aesthetic religionist--or religious aesthete, which is it?--to be crude and cold: to me, coming fresh from the ever-advancing developments of a London church under a soi-disant 'Catholic' Rector, it was unspeakably refreshing.
An overnight stay at the unspeakably Monart, in Enniscorthy, Co Wexford with lunch the following day and a manicure for under pounds 200.00 per person sharing.
We all want to protect our children from the unspeakably evil men who prey on them.
'If we fail to ensure compliance to the IRR and the Big One comes, the loss of lives and limbs shall be unspeakably devastating,' Pineda said, referring to the estimated 7.2 magnitude quake that could hit parts of Metro Manila and nearby provinces if the 100-kilometer West Valley Fault moves.
"Your behaviour towards her, which was obviously premeditated, can be described only as unspeakably wicked and wholly callous."
He said: "To target those gathered for the simple act of worship on Easter Sunday is unspeakably wicked."
An RSPCA inspector said Patton's actions were "totally unnecessary and unspeakably cruel".
Marcelo Salles, commander of police forces in Sao Paulo state, spoke just outside the school and said that in his over three decades of service, he had "never seen anything like this, it was an unspeakably brutal crime."