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Synonyms for unspeakable

Synonyms for unspeakable

that may not be spoken of or uttered

Synonyms for unspeakable

defying expression or description

exceptionally bad or displeasing

too sacred to be uttered

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The problem may well be not so much the ineffectiveness of the "treatment" as it was the unspeakableness of the problem.
Tumult, no doubt, the strange swirling unspeakableness of being, of its "outside"; tumult no doubt, equally, the "incoherencies" of an inner, meditative world caught between high desire and the faint, absent-present traces of its language; tumult also, no doubt, the sheer exhilaration and anguish of a passing memorable even though "the great rough mirror" of being has not offered the "reflection" sought so fervently.
With L'emportement du muet -- its telling title speaking both of the fundamental unspeakableness of being and the passion that yet accompanies our immediate experience of the real as well as our gestures of recording and (dis)figuring it -- with this book, then, we find ourselves in a materially improved position to appreciate what I have termed elsewhere the alterites of Andre du Bouchet.