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in a scathing and unsparing manner


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Kashina effectively blends modern novelistic techniques -- shifting points of view, energetic storytelling, vividly detailed imagery, and an unsparingly modern frankness about both the darkest aspects of sexual manipulation and the brightest aspects of erotic desire -- with wholehearted acceptance of the magical worldview of ancient folktales, in which the inexplicable mysteries of the world can be manipulated through rituals such as sacrifices, spells, riddle-games, and prophecies.
Once glimpsed by a reporter filming a scene on the set of the Soprano family's plush New Jersey home, he bobbled a line of dialogue, whereupon he let out a growl, not at anyone else but directed unsparingly at himself before the cameras rolled again.
Egypt's constructed history, however, remains the main focus of this unsparingly critical exhibition, and this inquiry could not have come at a more apt time.
VOLUNTEER cook Helen Jones makes a meal out of giving her time unsparingly.
Score by Besson regular Eric Serra is fitfully bombastic and unsparingly used.
And they handle unsparingly the question of the distressingly empty paintings of de Kooning's last years and the motives of those responsible for his care at the time he made them.
We in Wales watched as the Conservatives with no mandate from the people of Wales, rode unsparingly across our communities destroying state support for whole communities of people.;
The sight of Amy taking the throne--a Chinese girl in a man's cheungsam--stirs in me a hopeful sensation." In the spirit of Timothy Mo's The Monkey King, Chiu unsparingly skewers Hong Kong society's morals and pretensions with wit and compassion.
He is unsparingly critical of what he sees as Christianity's blase attitude towards its ascendency in the western world.
THE FACTS - "The Canadian War Museum is being expanded to include a new Holocaust Gallery that will take an unsparingly tough look at anti-Semitism in Canada before, during and after the Second World War...its focus will not be narrowly military" promises (Fred) Gaffen (the War Museum historian who is designing the Holocaust Gallery).
His writing is so full, his vision so unsparingly complex and his spirit so darkly exuberant, you do not want him to stop.
I opposed the Iran deal, but immediately after it came into effect, I believed that we should honour it scrupulously and enforce it unsparingly. Monday's news is that Iran didn't honour its end of the bargain and neither need the US now.
Whether exploring eternal questions, considering the Nazis, revisiting Virginia Woolf, or musing on the disingenuous nature of the camera, Muggeridge alternately charms and challenges his readers with a leveling wit that could describe a "ghastly weekend" in New York with a couple who later moved to "a remote suburb with a car and a flavour of death" just as easily as the "Bloomsbury set, now decidedly in fashion," or more unsparingly, the "two gimcrack prophets," Bertrand Russell and D.H.
While the exhibition included a portrait of Fred Hampton (an assassinated hero of virtuous struggle, and one of several Black Power leaders Taylor has painted) with a mouthful of gritted teeth, it's the unsparingly hard sunlight, bleak infrastructure, and social incongruity of pieces like Noah or 65 that most effectively communicate something like the plight of the urban dweller on the low rung of the socioeconomic ladder.
The discomforts and humiliations of old age, whether or not lived out through disease, are unsparingly chronicled.