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arranged without spaces between


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Omanis trust these healthcare systems as they help in eliminating several problems including anaemia, repeated unspaced pregnancies and many pregnancies.
In Figure 1, a school bus (six unspaced full braille cells) has stopped on a road (line of dots 3 and 6) to pick up a child at the beginning of the day.
Paul Saenger has pointed out how Western medieval texts were presented in unpunctuated and unspaced lines of writing--what was known as scriptura continua.
192-93), and 'perle' in Dolfi's unspaced line 'calandosigi uperlesartiedifuoco' should be disentangled as the preposition and article, not as 'pearls' (pp.
Though few women engage in acts as desperate as Andrea Yates, many are pressured into leading lives of quiet desperation--five or six unspaced children, home schooling to shield them from the world--the ideal state for women advocated by fundamentalist religions.