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(of a piece of ground) not have a crop sown on it


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After seed bed preparation, the land is left unsown to allow weed seeds to germinate and emerge above the soil surface.
Moreover, that grain unsown grows there plentifully is not a fabulous fancy, but is based on trustworthy accounts of the Danes.
" Large tracts of land are still unsown in these six states.
Seeds were sown in 50-cm wide strips and the area immediately under the vines was left unsown. To avoid excessive competition for water between vines and cover crops, the cover crops were mowed in late April 2009.
The "revolution" was marked by the expansion of agriculture into formerly unsown lands, the development of sophisticated irrigation techniques, and the cultivation of newly introduced crops.
While Police has registered case against the unsown persons.
They complain that the state allocated millions for food imports while fields in Macedonia remained unsown.
The protesters are like farmers whose aim is to plough the earth but leave it unsown and barren.
Men are clothed in two white unsown sheets " a waist wrapper and an outer garment covering the upper body.
Later the patterned belts served to hold up a skirt whose style consisted of an unsown rectangular fabric piece.
Whoever acquires knowledge and does not practice it resembles him who ploughs his land and leaves it unsown.
"Between 10% and 15% of land now lies unsown and many crops around the country have failed to grow because of the cool, wet autumn and winter.
Rainfall simulations were conducted on the pasture treatments represented in the hillslope runoff study, as well as on a set-stocked, low P fertility, unsown pasture (Low P, volunteer pasture treatment) that was dominated by onion grass (Romulea rosea (L.) Eckl.) and other annual grass species (see Chapman et al.