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not having turned bad


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'We would urge you to reconsider your position on this matter and to reappoint Mr Davies so that the process of review can take place in an unsoured atmosphere and with the full cooperation of the arts community within Wales.'
Mr Clarke's comments were in marked contrast with former Prime Minister John Major's backing of the party line yesterday, and shattered the organisers' hope of trouble-free conference unsoured by rancour over Europe.
Ratliff, salesman extraordinaire, relishes discussing the "unsoured" Abner, his childhood friend who differs strikingly from the demonic, unfathomable figure who persecutes his ten-year-old son in "Barn Burning." To Ratliff, Abner exists always as a "`fool about a horse,'"(16) and this character portrayal obviously reflects his own affable Machiavellianism.