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Synonyms for unsoundness

Antonyms for unsoundness

a condition of damage or decay

a misconception that is fallacious and not true or valid

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not mentally or physically healthy

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The "unsoundness" of the controversy having arisen between providing of the level of welfare of general public of the population in the developed countries and suspending for this reason of subsequent public progress in these countries is evident, the basis for which is objectively only the subsequent economic growth.
However, legally speaking, insanity is generally regarded as such unsoundness of mental condition as nullifies or does away with individual legal responsibility or capacity ...
Persistently high interest margins are reflective of higher intermediation costs to the society and might be indicative of systematic problems like concentrated banking industry, perceived market and credit risks, bank unsoundness, scale diseconomies, high operating costs, unfavourable institutional environment and distortions in markets (Poghosyan 2012).
unsoundness, of the views embodied in a copyrighted work.");
The post-2008 slump merely exposed the unsoundness of the preceding boom; the mediocrity of the recovery reflects the mediocrity of previous prospects, coolly considered.
The unsoundness of RCA is mostly related to the pore size distribution in the aggregate (Anderson et al.
Regardless of its qualities and of its flaws, of its soundness or its unsoundness, of its failure or its success, this theory reshaped the world order.
Quite possibly the delicacy of the topic of the King's unsoundness of mind would have additionally dissuaded Austen-- had she ever been inclined to endow one of her characters with mental illness after the instances of it in her own family--from alluding even slightly to such circumstances, except in the fashion of literary conventions.
(19) 20 Comparable Australian legislation is the Queensland Criminal Code 1899 (Qld) (s 285) which places a duty on persons having charge of another who is 'unable by reason of age, sickness, unsoundness of mind, detention, or any other cause, to withdraw himself or herself from such charge, and who is unable to provide himself or herself with the necessaries of life...'.
(2012, 151) In section 4, I showed the unsoundness of Lester's argument that maximising liberty, qua (L), requires the sort of property rules that underlie free markets.
Al Hamidi added that any indications of financial unsoundness of individual banks or the overall banking system will provide an indication of how likely it is that the problems will be transmitted to the real economy such as through a reduction in credit supply.
In the same way, the first order autocorrelation coefficient of residuals does not suggest the unsoundness of the model, its value being approximately -0.02.
However, rather than disrupting the analogy to the coin, Jim's unsoundness completes it.
The Transitional Justice Coordination Group and other human rights, women's rights and civil society groups have repeatedly voiced their concerns about the unsoundness of "peace without justice" strategy to the government and the international community and have consistently advocated a strategy of "peace with justice", demanding development and enhancement of the country's justice system.