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Synonyms for unsorted

not arranged according to size

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not categorized or sorted

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On Thursday, the reverberations of China's tough stance reached Sam Miller, owner of Lane Apex, a hauler that picks up curbside commingled recyclables such as plastics, unsorted paper, cardboard and metal cans from homes in Eugene.
BEIRUT: Piles of unsorted waste, members of the Internal Security Forces, and protesters from the Kataeb Party stood side-by-side at the Burj Hammoud landfill Tuesday morning.
After flow cytometry using three 4.6 gadipose tissue sets, total RNA was purified and collected from each of the four sorted cell populations, unsorted ASCs, and BMSCs using an RNeasy micro kit (Qiagen, USA).
In Gwyddgrug we're more concerned that while the turbine noise problem is still unsorted, and the Welsh Assembly is still re-considering wind turbine planning rules, and noise in particular, the Infrastructure Planning Commission in Bristol has validated the application from RWE Npower for industrial turbines in the adjacent forest.
The company--would heat unsorted bags of household garbage under pressure and without oxygen in a method called pyrolysis.
A third pile of unscreened material, the unsorted pile, was also examined.
The facility currently processes up to 40,000 bags of unsorted mail daily.
Customers using the Coinstar machines pour unsorted coins into a funnel to be counted.
And unlike conventional recycling, the EOG can take plastic any way it comes--even dirty, wet or unsorted. The final sediment-free product can then be turned into gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel and diesel.
It is expected to start operations in spring 2011, and will have a capacity to process around 200,000 tonnes per annum of unsorted black bag household or commercial waste.
Already more than five million items of mail remain unsorted in the North East as the dispute rumbles on.
The aim is to create new and value-added products from the unsorted consumer waste stream.
The expansion will increase the firm's capacity to handle unsorted household and commercial waste to around 1.5 million tonnes a year.
Some 10,500 homes in rural areas now have black bags for unsorted waste and no recycling collection.
The rewards program allows residents to recycle their waste in a single stream, with unsorted materials going into a bin.