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not easily solved

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Our mission is to solve the unsolvable. We thrive by creating industry-changing technically creative solutions for the most complex operational challenges under water, on land, and in space.
Kabahan tayo 'pag may problema tapos 'di nasosolusyonan, (Let's worry if there is an unsolvable problem)" he added.
"When Serzh Sargsyan was the head of Armenia, I asked him, why should not the country, bending under the weight of its own unsolvable problems, ease its fate?" he said, adding that these regions are empty and Sargsyan should return them to Azerbaijan.
'We need a robust mechanism and an inclusive approach both at public and Govt level to increase forests cover up to 25pc of total area of Pakistan, cogent measures for reducing emission of warm gases and discourage use of unsolvable plastic bags vital to counter this grave issue,' he said.
He said Govt will also launching a decisive crackdown against unsolvable plastic bags and stone crushing machines inside city being a major cause of water and enviromental pollution.
PESHAWAR -- Provincial Minister for Environment and Forests, Syed Ishtiaq Umar said on Sunday that a grand operation against timber mafia, unsolvable plastic bags and illegal saw machines was in the offing in the province to protect green gold imperative to counter growing effects of global warming and climate change.
Unless they crack down heavily on Saturday's miscreants, that problem will be unsolvable.
We believe the market window is wide open, and our EnSync Home Energy System is ideal for self-generation, while our True Peer-to-Peer energy exchange is creating a solution for installing solar generation on multi-family properties that were previously unsolvable. Our recent announcement and execution on our Keahumoa Place multi-family residential contract, the first peer-to-peer installation of its kind in the United States, has showcased our capabilities and has become a key driver to building out our pipeline.
The good news is that these problems are not unsolvable, we see the courage of the leaders of Macedonia and Greece.
The spooky new miniseries directed by Patty Jenkins will revolve around the characters' attempts to solve the unsolvable as Pine plays the role of a reporter who is sucked back into the Black Dahlia murder, having received information about the famous case from a mysterious teenage girl.
"Some patients are essentially immobilized by their withdrawal and convinced that their problems are unsolvable, but most will improve their quality of life through CBT," he maintained.
The task of creating a robot to investigate a moving vessel has been seen as unsolvable at one of the Pentagon institutes for around 10 years.
"During the campaign, I didn't want to make a big deal of that."<br />And while she noted that the "live-work" balance is "unsolvable," she added "I hope that what I'm doing and you're doing" shows that when you "work hard there's no limit to what you can accomplish."<br />A full list of the winners is available here.
"There are no unsolvable issues," he noted calling for unlocking the cooperation potential fully.
In that case we will have a huge, huge, perhaps even unsolvable problem, says Geroski.