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not conforming to military standards

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Despite Bierce's opening disclaimers regarding his identity as a writer, the text combines journalistic realism--"A few of [the men in camp] limped unsoldierly in deference to blistered feet"--with literary convention, as in the personification of the regimental flag in the description of the moments before the battle: "Presently the flag hanging limp and lifeless at headquarters was seen to lift itself spiritedly from the staff.
This action the Japanese trainers considered unsoldierly (Morimoto 1992:543-603).
Nor was the United States army a disciplined force: as emigrant William Kelley commented on the troops at Fort Kearny:</p> <pre> A most unsoldierly looking lot they were: unshaven, unshorn, with patched uniforms and a lounging gait.
The playwright follows this potent preface with realistic scenes of discontented soldiers who yearn for action on the battlefront and find the seemingly unsoldierly tasks they have been assigned demeaning.
After the failure of the expedition and the loss of almost forty ships, recriminations were made against various leaders, including allegations against naval force commander Captain Dudley Saltonstall of responsibility for the overall result; and against Paul Revere, an icon of the Revolutionary War who served in the expedition as a lieutanant colonel in charge of the artillery, of unsoldierly conduct.
As Keegan writes: 'Churchill, in his shapeless siren suit and comic stovepipe hat, signatory cigar wedged between flabby fingers, looked wholly unsoldierly.' But marooned in a chic New York apartment in the summer of 1957, he found The War Speeches of Winston Churchill among the long-playing records, put them on the turntable and was 'electrified' by what he heard.
When an inspection by a Senior Officer was about to take place his Company Commander would see that Morgan did not appear, he was hidden away somewhere out of sight because he was always dirtily turned out, boots dished, tunic torn, hat turned up at the wrong angle and altogether most unsoldierly in appearance, but when in the line, was truly wonderful and worth half a dozen ordinary men for his initiative and bravery'.
As Rinaldo slumbers in his luxuriant orange pantaloons, his hand droops on his sword, so foretelling his unsoldierly retreat into Armida's magic pleasure-gardens.
He said the military should play a reduced role in the performance of civic "unsoldierly duties".
Their unsoldierly reluctance to hurt anyone nearly ruins them on several occasions, but they land on their feet when the rest of the armed forces joins their side without firing a shot.
"Now, although supper or in fact anything to eat was the very last thing I then desired, I could not decline his invitation, even upon the ground of illness, a thing in his estimation so very unsoldierly." A substantial meal was served in a shanty at a long table that was packed with a large number of officers, all busily eating and talking.
And as if to make up for his unsoldierly conduct in front of his subalterns he shut both passports with an immoderately noisy snap: I don't think that he looked at them.
Their practices were slovenly, and their general behavior was undistinguished and unsoldierly. Was there a lot of destruction in the city?