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* Make sure the board won't be in an environment where unsoldered pads will be a problem.
for the replacement of elements such as condensers, resistors or diodes can be manually soldered, unsoldered and cleaned.
In particular, he has become known as the "Rocket Man" for his rocket-shaped "fantasy sculptures" that pay homage to the Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon era of space travel imagination--and are made by an unlikely and whimsical assemblage of unsoldered vintage components, including oil cans, windshield wipers, antennas reflectors and kitchen utensils, such as electric beaters.
If an unsoldered assembly at ambient temperature is immersed directly into saturated vapor, extremely fast heating occurs, which is uncontrollable, as long as there is adequate vapor present.
The heat shield lets a lantern operate for a short time with a broken mantle while protecting the fuel tank from becoming unsoldered.
Unsoldered coiled wire rings date back to the earliest burial items found throughout the ancient civilizations.
Of course, poor surface finishing later results in decreased protection of the copper prior to assembly, solderability issues and potentially tarnish in end-use applications where the metal is left unsoldered. A smoother surface is always desired for superior performance of surface finishes.
Together Hall and Hinshaw, on Hall's front porch, unsoldered the bell section from the body of the horn.
In addition, many cell phones and wireless communications products call for placing RF shields over unsoldered components at pick-and-place, using the reflow process to solder the shields to the board.
After the elapsed time, coupons were placed in an alcohol bath and the number of unsoldered pads was counted.
The Sequel that Unsolders: Excalibur, Camelot, and the Limits of Metonymy
Where we get into trouble is when we stop using the surface finish as a solderability preservative and leave the metal areas unsoldered. With that, the issues of shelf life and environmental resistance become much more important.
Additionally, many cell phones and wireless communications products are placing RF shields over unsoldered components at pick-and-place, using the reflow processes to solder them to the board.
As a result, assemblies with high-density components such as BGAs may require longer times at peak temperature (FIGURE 2) to ensure that shadowing on the lower side of the BGA doesn't result in unsoldered balls.