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Synonyms for unsoiled

free from dirt, stain, or impurities

Synonyms for unsoiled

without soil or spot or stain

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Figure 7 shows [DELTA]Y reflectance for soiled and unsoiled paint surfaces.
When we give them junky hay or corn fodder, they eat half and strew and churn the other half into their unsoiled bedding.
"And Alan standing with his back to the kitchen sink totally at ease enjoying the bean an ti [woman of the house] and the antics of unsoiled and respectful sons."
The ghost of Juan de la Cruz rises to gun Ninoy down, and the Marcoses, hands unsoiled, disappear from the stage, unceremoniously.
As the film draws to a close however, it is apparent that Leigh is the most unsoiled and trustworthy character in the film.
There were thus many positive effects from this midcentury view of civilization mediated through missions and closely allied with Christianity and a rather too innocent belief in the beneficial effects of commerce unsoiled by trading in human beings.
It's a good idea to leave a small amount of the old (unsoiled) bedding behind so their familiar scents aren't completely removed during cleaning.
Such black carbon particles, which form "brown clouds", can travel amazing distances across the globe along with the atmospheric currents and can affect even unsoiled regions like the Himalayas.
Therefore, when Wilson assumed the presidency two weeks later, he inherited a pressing foreign policy crisis unsoiled by the previous administration.
He's wearing a green beret that seems fairly new and unsoiled, along with a bandana, or at least what passes for one.
Paper and Paper Products: Everything from office paper to (unsoiled) pizza boxes can be recycled, including cardboard, mixed paper, newspaper, junk mail, telephone books, gift wrap, paper egg cartons, and brown paper grocery bags.
Eisenhower's statement clearly related to the impacts of not passing an unsoiled revision of the Natural Gas Act, and not, as Grossman asserts, a justification of the veto.) The nuclear power section stresses how U.S.
Washington, May 15 ( ANI ): When a coffee stain dries, its edges become noticeably darker and thicker, while the middle of the stain remains almost unsoiled.
But the Virgin, of course, was presumed to be immune to this ruthlessness, her parturition unsoiled and painless.