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not seeking or given to association


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However, officers'options rejected by the administration included: Review of foster payments for respite support at weekends; removal of staff salary enhancements for weekend unsocial allowances; reducing amenity grass cutting from 15 to 10 cuts; ending the Off the Page Festival; redesign of transport for the civic office/councillors; stopping the weekly employee payroll; review of Care At Home packages of care; savings in Supported Living for adults with a learning disability; and discontinuing free garden maintenance to private home owners/non council tenants from 2020.
BRITAIN'S workers are increasingly becoming night owls with one in nine employees doing unsocial hours.
He said he wanted his son to focus on his studies and abandon this unsocial habit but 'Irfan is paying no heed to my requests'.
Jabbar Khattak expressed serious concerns on freedom of expression and said that certain unsocial elements hampering newspapers' distribution and electronic media transmissions in few places in the country which not only negates rather an attack on freedom of expression and concept of free media.
The council has been in talks with Unison, Unite and the GMB since 2015 about cutting "unsocial" hours and on-call payments to staff.
A spokesman for the unions said: "In its proposal the council wants to make changes to the unsocial hours' payments for employees working at night affecting cleaners, carers, leisure centre workers and others.
Commenting on the growing trends of the social media, the Bihar Chief Minister called the discussion on the matter "unsocial'.
In Guisborough, nine warning notices were handed out to those who were driving vehicles in an "unsocial manner".
Tenants they have put in the last year dump their rubbish out on the streets - I have reported it and said who they are and they do nothing; I have reported unsocial behaviour and nothing was done.
Add that to daily abuse with many on minimum wage, plus little or no enhancement for unsocial hours and rotas that only let you know what shifts you are doing for a couple of weeks, making planning your own life a nightmare.
The union said the dispute centres on Eurostar's failure to honour an agreement from 2008 which sought to ensure that train managers could expect a good work/life balance in terms of unsocial hours and duty rosters.
The union said the dispute with management centred on what it called Eurostar's failure to honour an agreement from 2008 which sought to ensure that train managers could expect a good work-life balance in terms of unsocial hours and duty rosters.
Locala, which employs 1,400 people, has also changed its definition of 'unsocial' hours, causing concerns about lower pay rates for staff working from 5pm to 8pm.
The essence of the strike seems to be that there are not enough junior doctors to share the workload to have a rota for unsocial hours.
This is because they get extra money if they work unsocial hours - and the new contract will significantly reduce the hours classed as unsocial.