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not inclined to society or companionship

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But chess-players are so unsociable,' I objected; 'they are no company for any but themselves.
Riding along on the train, near to the line between California and Oregon, he chanced to look out of the window and saw his unsociable guest sliding along the wagon road, brown and wolfish, tired yet tireless, dust-covered and soiled with two hundred miles of travel.
He was drunk; and what a dreadful thing was drink, and what a slave to it poor Alan was, to drink in this unsociable, uncomfortable fashion
Then, when the image of the marquise and her son rose before him again, standing side by side, the old woman's hand in Urbain's arm, and the same cold, unsociable fixedness in the eyes of each, he cried out to himself that the fear was groundless.
I confess that in spite of this urgency I was guilty of the indiscretion of lingering; it held me there to think that I was nearer the documents I coveted-- that they were probably put away somewhere in the faded, unsociable room.
I am an unsociable sort of fellow and shall very likely not come to see you again for some time; but don't think the worse of me for that.
I don't think he was seasick, but he was miserably unsociable, and he seldom left his cabin.
Even when Charley praised it, our prisoner refused to speak or to notice us, and we soon gave him up as a most unsociable fellow.
A COUNTRY and western fan with a passion for Dolly Parton was warned yesterday she could lose her home if she blasts music at unsociable hours.
Although pay will be enhanced with unsociable payments, basic hourly rates will be reduced, which will affect pensionable pay.
Where are the CCTV cameras to pick up this unsociable behaviour?
We work very unsociable hours,from early evening right through to maybe four or five in morning.
I AGREE with reader Linda Thomson, who works very unsociable hours and only earns pounds 11,000 a year.
He said: ``Though the general trend of crime in Barry is down, there is still a problem of late night disorder and inconsiderate and unsociable behaviour, particularly as a result of late night revellers returning home from pubs and clubs in the Broad Street area.
John has always been passionate about grassroots sport; that's the main reason he has continued to work fearsomely unsociable hours in provincial journalism when he possesses more than enough talent and knowledge to switch to Fleet Street and earn twice as much money for a fraction of that effort.