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having or caused by an irregular surface

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Any oral communication is an unsmooth system by its nature, characterized by various interferences, complications, misunderstandings and faltering.
Qi deficiency leads to blood flow without strength and Yin deficiency make blood flow unsmooth, hence resulting in stasis blocking the heart vessels.
For each trial selection of optimal image, the original unsmooth image and the selected optimal image are displayed side by side.
Maybe these unsmooth transitions are intended to illustrate how difficult it is for him to look back into his past?
Made of white marble, Marzouk says even the rest rooms are elegant, clean and classy not like an unsmooth stone.
He is also charming, which ought perhaps to be a given in the hospitality industry, but there is something unforced and unsmooth about his charm.
A case in point: LeWitt made his very first wall drawing--combinations of straight graphite lines in four directions, drawn thin and faint on the gallery walls' unsmooth plaster--in October 1968, a few weeks before the election that brought Richard Nixon's toxic presidency to a wounded, festering, unhealed nation.
Wu pointed out that although the DRAM industry picked up at one time in 2010 after the 2008 global financial crisis, the company missed the chance of making money because of its unsmooth shift to stack process technology from trench process technology.
However, unsmooth conveyor movement meant pallets could shift or fall, causing jams that required the equipment to be shut down and the cases to being hand wrapped to maintain production schedules.
Because the RNN is transformed from SFD (with many unsmooth functions), its characteristics are not suitable to be trained by back-propagation approaches.
Fractal theory is a quite active mathematic branch of nonlinear science, and the research objects of which are certain unsmooth or non-differentiable geometries in nonlinear systems and nature.
We are waiting for what's going to happen to the main deal between Zain group and Etisalat, this is progressing in a very unsmooth manner and is facing obstacles," said Zain Saudi Arabia's chairman Prince Hussam bin Saud.
It was necessary the appearance of a civil society (charity associations, non-governmental, private institutions), to decentralize the state in a saving way, to unsmooth the Gesellschaft and straighten the big and long effects of the crises appeared in human life once with the disintegration of traditional communities.
STB jitter buffer delay is required to remove the unsmooth display caused by the delay jitter over the Internet, and video decoding delay is caused by the fact that compressed video cannot be decoded without /-frames.