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Synonyms for unskillful

lacking the qualities, as efficiency or skill, required to produce desired results

lacking the required professional skill

clumsily lacking in the ability to do or perform

Synonyms for unskillful

poorly done

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(I pass over another meaning, more prominent in the English language dictionaries: 'a person who does something more or less unskillfully.') So I address you as a non-specialist, amateur of the Pacific--a fellow-traveler perhaps, in that vast space.
In (20c), if the agent ironed the shirt unskillfully, the shirt might come out wrinkled.
The roundtable was organized by the Public Association "Taza Tabigat".According to Taza Tabigat, grants and projects of international donors aiming to implement education sector reform in Kyrgyzstan do not meet their intended use in full, while international donors "rudely, unskillfully, voluntarily intervene into education sector and this should be considered as risky investments." Taza Tabigat referred to the Asian Development Bank, which transferred US$900,000 in 1995 as a technical assistance grant for education.
(103) Following the accident, Byrne brought suit and alleged that Boadle or his servants had negligently and unskillfully lowered the barrel to the road below.
[For] unskillfully framed legislative enactments....
He did this for several hours, a little clumsily, unskillfully, but usefully and at the pleasure of the citizens of Skopje.
When these obstacles are ignored or dealt with unskillfully, they become entrenched and threaten collaborative learning.
1993) (rejecting requirement that physician tell patient of possibility that procedure might be performed unskillfully).
Finally--and most crucially--where governments react to these pressures by drawing more deeply, but unskillfully, on the menu of manipulation charted above, societal grievances may cohere in new opposition sentiments.
I kept existing as a series of film stills unskillfully put together by an inexperienced film editor, as though my life was dis integrating together with the history of my country, my former country I should add, as though I no longer was only one man, one being, but many men and beings so that I saw everything at the same time but from many angles in indefinitely multiplied moments." (11) The narrator of Bait is bewildered at the speed with which the ground is disappearing under his feet, and the narrator of A Man Made of Snow does not feel stable and has to hold onto things lest he fly away.
lets down her guard against imperfect charity and unskillfully wounds