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there are times when the great universe, Like cloth in some unskilful dyer's vat, Shrivels into a handbreadth, and perchance That time is now
And, gentlemen, when the timbers of the Vessel of the State are unsound and the Man at the Helm is unskilful, would those great Marine Insurers, who rank among our world-famed merchant- princes--would they insure her, gentlemen?
Pickwick, 'am delighted to view any sports which may be safely indulged in, and in which the impotent effects of unskilful people do not endanger human life.
Being there, is much delighted with the horses and the feats of strength; looks at the weapons with a critical eye; disapproves of the combats as giving evidences of unskilful swordsmanship; but is touched home by the sentiments.
by the neglect of unskilful [sic] management of [a person's] physician, surgeon, or apothecary.
It then continues, "To lack sight is a terrible thing to the wealthy, to the adroit, to the cheerful; and Marston was poor and unskilful and without hope" (p.
Some people might think that if the value of a commodity is determined by the quantity of labour spent on it, the more idle and unskilful the labourer, the more valuable would his commodity be, because more time would be required in its production.
If I am incapable and unskilful to observe the Distinctions now marked out, and the various Complexions of poetic Works, why am I honoured with the name of Poet?
As the roots of unskilful action are weakened, the natural depth-purity of the mind can manifest itself.
According to dynamic systems theory, self-organisation is higher in the in-phase coordination pattern [11] whereas anti-phase pattern is accompanied with more conscious processing in the nervous system and subsequent risk of an unskilful movement pattern [32].
The papers by Andrew Gunstone and Ros Kidd document what can go wrong when an uncaring and unskilful bureaucracy is entrusted with the job of mediating between individual Aboriginal workers and their employers.
For those who are unskilful, they also fill the time with activities that they are interested in according to their abilities.
translated into the very commonest German prose, printed very incorrectly, and in a language which seems to have been written down from the recitation of unskilful actors, being filled with uncouth phrases and words misapplied--the construction of the sentences any thing but German, and the whole abounding with coarse equivogues and obscene allusions.