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not having the surface treated or coated with sizing


not fashioned to sizes


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Comparing the ROC of obtained arc in unsized carpet with 60cm width and unsized carpet with 3 m width revealed the same result as Cassidy and et al (1991) were achieved.
Although a reduction can be found in few properties, the use of a film former enables the dosing of fiber lengths on standard equipment, which are not processable if unsized.
Ammunition for the Martini-Henry consisted on my own handloads using.458, 480-grain unsized lead bullets backed by 85 grains of FFg Goex powder and Ten-X factory loads with a 480-grain .463 bullet resembling an incendiary projectile that was used by the British for balloon-busting in World War I.
* Small (6" x 8", 6" x 6", 9" x 12", etc.) rectangular luan boards, unsized canvas, Masonite, heavy cardboard or any reliable absorbent surface
x1 (dictating into machine): The necessaries before the event ual correspondencies together with explot recant unsized indexes cooperate unilaterally ubsequent to Ex urbe e pluribus unum ex sig no no no no no
I save this unsized, uncropped and unsharpened file as the master file.
Staying within specifications enabled use of a maximum of 20 percent of unsized RAP in the mix.
Menacing and inviting, these outsized Euclidean fantasies intimidate with their ship's-hull dimensions and looming weight, and yet the stains and other marks on the steel unfurl with all the delicacy of calligraphic paint drips on an unsized roll of canvas.
This opens up the unsized and unanticipated risk of not only loss of the premium, or cash flow, which was previously addressed, but also the reality that swap mechanics demand a mark-to-market (MTM) on the swap contract at the time of termination.
And, while walking around or through the spirals, one confronts the unfurling, painterly drips and striations of the rust-proofing (which, again, bears comparison with Louis's work on unsized canvases).
The unsized brass fired from this chamber showed only .003-inch runout.
Rather, he prefers the texture of rough, unsized cloth, which often becomes more encrusted as he applies an impasto of oil color and sand (or sometimes yuyaa, a local clay used for medicinal purposes).
But perhaps the best definition of the industry's biggest problem in 1995 is provided by the bureaucrats who operate the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT): "Uncoated paper of a kind used for the printing of newspapers, of which not less than 65% by weight of the total fiber content consists of wood fiber obtained by a mechanical process, unsized or very lightly sized, having smoothness on each side not exceeding 200 seconds Bekkl weighing not less than 40 grams per square meter and not more than 57 grams per square meter and having an ash content by weight not exceeding 8%."
If the paper was applied directly over new, unprimed, unsized drywall, it will never strip off cleanly.
2 alloy and shot unsized with a diameter of 0.266 inch.