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Synonyms for unsightly

Synonyms for unsightly

extremely displeasing to the eye

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unpleasant to look at

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She looked in vain for the settlement, for the rugged ditches, the scattered cabins, and the unsightly heaps of gravel.
He was very sensitive about it and wore his hair long to conceal the unsightly patch on the crown of his head.
I saw again, in the dim evening light, the unsightly mound which had so strangely attracted my attention at Gleninch.
Where, in the sharp lineaments of rigid and unsightly death, is the calm beauty of slumber, telling of rest for the waking hours that are past, and gentle hopes and loves for those which are to come?
At last came the day that the steamer dropped anchor in the lee of a wooded promontory where a score or more of sheet- iron shacks making an unsightly blot upon the fair face of nature proclaimed the fact that civilization had set its heel.
Although poplars had been brought from Europe to ornament the grounds, and willows and other trees were gradually springing up nigh the dwelling, yet many a pile of snow betrayed the presence of the stump of a pine; and even, in one or two instances, unsightly remnants of trees that had been partly destroyed by fire were seen rearing their black, glistening columns twenty or thirty feet above the pure white of the snow, These, which in the language of the country are termed stubs, abounded in the open fields adjacent to the village, and were accompanied, occasionally, by the ruin of a pine or a hemlock that had been stripped of its bark, and which waved in melancholy grandeur its naked limbs to the blast, a skeleton of its former glory.
There are no unsightly stone walls and never a fence of any kind.
A Plum Creek Foundation grant will help the Dora-Sitkum Rural Fire Protection District rid its multi-purpose room of an unsightly case of the polka dots.
JAMES RICHARDSON dons a new shirt claiming to prevent unsightly sweatiness JAMES RICHARDSON dons a new shirt claiming to prevent unsightly sweatiness WHAT WHA IS IT?
DIY expert Donny Sheridan answers your questions QHOW do I get rid of the unsightly moss on the shady side of my new tiled roof?
However, an unsightly or poorly maintained neighbouring property could reduce the price of a home by an average of 13 per cent.
It was becoming unsightly and checks revealed it has the potential to be a health and safety risk if its branches started to break or if it toppled over.
If your pond ices over, the worst thing you can do is smash it with a soil and unsightly moss in containers with bark chippings coloured aggregate stones to bit of variety your hammer or spade.
ONE of your columnists the other day stated how unsightly it is to see wheelie bins in a procession, along the front of some streets.
Q I HAVE a huge mole on my face which is very unsightly.