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Synonyms for unsightliness

the quality or condition of being ugly

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ugliness that is unpleasant to look at

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394) Even when the aesthetic impact of unsightliness decreases the value of neighboring properties, a claim in law does not materialize.
I'd love to see the world "in all its splendor" and "in all its unsightliness.
Central councillor Nick Small echoed complaints about the unsightliness and problems caused by litter, and added that "there are already problems on Leigh Street (between the Lobster Pot and Forever 21) with public urination and vomiting".
In "The Death of Literary Judgment" (from The Poetry Wreck), Shapiro similarly denounces Eliot: "[Eliot] resembles one of those mighty castles in Bavaria which are remarkably visible, famed for their unsightliness, and too expensive to tear down" (3-4).
Wind in particular gets a lot of criticism for two key reasons: the supposed danger to birds and the unsightliness of a group of windmills along pristine coastlines.
According to local news, Clive Palmer's initial proposal was met with nearly 200 objections - like worries over noise and the unsightliness of the replicas - however, the Sunshine Coast regional council decided that the park will help bring more customers to the resort, the Huffington Post reported.
mere unsightliness alone would be an insufficient basis for invoking equitable powers such as an injunction, but if the unsightliness was accompanied by other actions that result in a nuisance, then unsightliness itself may be a basis for abatement of a nuisance.
When my own patients have this problem, I try to balance the discomfort and unsightliness of bruising against the risk of IST and heart attack.
supra note 18, at 738 ("Most courts hold that unsightliness alone does not a nuisance make.
Because of an emerging legal and social infrastructure that aligned unsightliness (often figured as disability or physical differences in general) with threats to national order, American space had turned particularly hostile toward ugliness by the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
Officials had then said that it was not just the unsightliness of the stubs on beaches and roads that had prompted the civic body to opt for that new way of dealing with cigarette remains, but digging them up from the sand was a herculean task for the municipal cleaners.
The one that isn't quantifiable, call it well-being efficiency if you like--the net good that results from having it, divided by the net downsides of amenity loss, adverse health effects, shipping hazards, and unsightliness, including the extra pylons.
Humanitarianism urged compassion to the suffering poor and accommodation with physical difference, but the unsightliness of disabled beggars on the streets of Georgian cities 'thrusting' their stumps at respectable passers-by and imploring them for charitable assistance, was seen as a threat to the values of decorum and commercial progress.
The reason to take him to a groomer is to avoid having him associate any more unpleasantness with you, but to also relieve the discomfort and unsightliness of mats.
It is as if a mirror is being held up in which the nation can see for the first time the incivility of its ways--the unsightliness of its segregated buses, for instance.