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not shrinking from danger

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H]e unobtrusively but unmistakably bears witness to the possibility, and therewith a hope, to which Hobbes never clearly refers or for which he never even allows: the possibility of combining a full, unshrinking awareness of the thought of our mortality with a genuine serenity of spirit and hence the possibility of becoming genuinely reconciled to our moral human nature.
Unshrinking from the problems of adolescent interactions, "Abbey's Turn" offers a new "take" on ways to make lemonade from life's lemon-gifts.
The American people, as one, are deeply grateful for your service, for the sacrifices you and your family are making, and for your unshrinking commitment to our nation.
One agent of change unshrinking in providing information is Ladbrokes, who launched their new website this week with a blast (sports.
Rosamond's ideas alone have the power to negate every other, her unshrinking will making "shadows" or worse of all the rest.
Olds is generally considered a poet of the body--the sexy body--and her bold, unshrinking descriptions have brought her praise and ardent followers as well as strong criticism.
Leavis found Hardy's unconventional language to be full of "gauche unshrinking mismarriages" of words, of the "prosaic banal, the stilted literary, the colloquial" jumbled together in a seemingly random process.
The American people, as one, are deeply grateful for the service and sacrifice of men and women in uniform and their families, and for their unshrinking commitment to pursuing the principles of our nation.
The history of the Presbyterian Church has ever been characterized by an unshrinking maintenance of evangelical principles; and a vigorous, enterprising spirit in the promotion of education and Christian missions.
With all her unshrinking hardihood in deeds of horror, the strange, the dreadful expression of Zofloya's countenance shook her inmost soul" (186, emphasis original).
This model is designed for one-at-a-time shrinking and unshrinking where the demand is to get the tools back on the machine immediately.