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not sheared


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Called Eco-Lawn, it's a blend of a half-dozen fescues (planted from seed) that grow well in sun and shade, never get much above ankle height, and take on this wavelike look when left unshorn.
The prisoners' expert on Native American spirituality offered extensive, undisputed testimony that long hair had great religious significance for many Native Americans, and each prisoner confirmed that his desire to wear unshorn hair stemmed from deep religious convictions, and the prisoners' expert further gave an uncontradicted opinion that forcing Native Americans to cut their long hair would amount to an "assault on their sacredness.
In a word, we want a national literature altogether shaggy and unshorn, that shall shake the earth, like a herd of buffaloes thundering over the prairies.
The figure typically appears with his "beard unshorn, the hair untrimmed, / The gaunt limbs bowed and bent with age" and carrying a scythe.
If you insist on leaving the dog unshorn, try spraying those areas with a non-stick spray like Pam, or a waxy balm like Musher's Secret.
It was the age of new music, rock and roll, folk, psychedelic, art, dirty jeans and unshorn hair.
We found him a hard-featured individual, certainly not in his first youth, with grizzled locks and beard, unkempt and unshorn.
He said that the competition is exclusively meant for Sabat Surat Sikhs (Sikhs with unshorn hair) and believed it would be a real morale-boost for Sikh youths.
Sikh men are religiously mandated to wear Sikh turbans, called dastaars, and maintain unshorn hair and facial hair.
The wet June, when the average monthly rainfall fell in just a couple of days, has left thousands of sheep unshorn and potential health problems for livestock across the board.
5: 86) Society," Alexandria (VA) Gazette 22 June 1827 (23 words) Narrator: "The once unshorn .
He is over six feet high, wears his hair long, so that it nearly reaches his hips; his beard falls below his sword belt, and his moustache is unshorn.
He made them take an oath to observe the five K's' namely, the hair and beard unshorn (kesh); to carry a comb (kangha) in the hair to keep it tidy; to wear a pair of shorts (kachha) worn by soldiers at that time: to wear a steel bangle (kara) worn on the right wrist as the symbol of poverty and pledge to their guru, and always to carry a sabre (kirpan) on their person.
Moreover, in the great conciliar manuscript of the tenth century from Albelda clerics are depicted unshorn and untonsured.
37-8 where the speaking statue of Priapus states: solis aeterna est Baccho Phoeboque iuventas: / nam decet intonsus crinis utrumque deum (Only Bacchus and Phoebus have eternal youth; for unshorn hair is fitting for either god).