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Synonyms for unshod

(used of certain religious orders) barefoot or wearing only sandals

not shod


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The new privateers assaulting tankers may be digital privateers sending in malevolent code, not only the unshod Somalis and others throwing snare stays on to the stern of the tanker and moving up.
It is interesting to note that the condition is rare in populations who walk unshod.
A Study of Arch Height in Shod Versus Unshod Runners
Going unshod or slightly shod is supposed to force a runner to start landing on the front of the foot, rather than striking the ground heel-first.
you [Socrates], because you strut like a popinjay through the streets and cast your eyes sideways and, unshod, endure many woes and wear a haughty expression for our sake [my emphasis]
His descriptions of his heart attacks and their aftermath-leaving the hospital and searching for a taxi in 'underpants and the white dressing gown, unshod, unshaven and with not a penny in my pocket' -are not the stuff of heroes.
The local authorities will dredge the river for my demands & find nothing but old boots, evidence of a pack of entirely unshod vagrants, & they will search for them with vigor.
For the vertical data an allowance for footwear (25mm) was added to ensure that the relationship reflects the 'real world' environment, as all measures were taken in an unshod state and students are required to wear shoes during school hours.
Having completed this distribution it appears that he has forgotten humans (leaving them 'naked, unshod, unbedded and unarmed').
For example, much was said about the landtag in both shod and unshod runners but nothing about how the runner executes touchdown.
Daniel Lieberman, author of the influential 2004 paper in Nature that convincingly argued that humanity is largely defined by distance running, has since written persuasively about the benefits of unshod running, in part leading to the current barefoot running craze, which in fact has its roots in the 1970s.
Demonstrators also chanted "USAID go home," and "Shame on you" as they became increasingly unshod.
Resorting to tactical and pragmatic self-abasement, Henry IV, as "recollected" by "Henry IV" in act 1, stood unshod and hair-shirted outside the gates of Canossa in deep midwinter in order to present a penitent aspect to His Holiness and thereby force a retraction of his excommunication.
Says owner, Usha Sliva, "Cobbler's children often run unshod, and the same applied to my site.