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Synonyms for unsheared

not sheared



(used especially of fur or wool) not having been sheared

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As a result, the dashed line, which represents the unsheared profile, has a velocity of 0.
A second-order temporal scheme limits the numerical dissipation of the sheared and unsheared velocity profiles and time-step of 1 x [10.
The overall force and moment coefficients have been derived for the two cars in a sheared and unsheared crossflow, where the mean yaw angle in both cases is 10[degrees].
The sheared and unsheared force and moment coefficients obtained at 10[degrees] yaw angle are very similar in all cases, except for lift, which shows a small difference.
A pair of males, one of them sheared, ran to challenge (unsuccessfully) another male, whose harem included one sheared female with her unsheared but numbered young.
No significant difference was observed between genomic DNAs of unsheared and sheared by extensive pipetting (Fig.
purpuratus sperm were sheared prior to fertilization and immediately combined with unsheared eggs in a test tube.
purpuratus eggs and sperm were sheared separately before fertilization and then combined with unsheared gametes in a test tube in the absence of appreciable shear stress, fertilization success was very high.
The relatively cold and unsheared core region in rubber moving down the screw flight is repeatedly split in the pin-containing barrel section.
The kinematic viscosity data of the lubricants (both unsheared and sheared) at 40[degrees]C and 100[degrees]C, respectively, were tested according to ASTM D445.
The kinematic viscosity of both fresh unsheared and sheared lubricants at 100[degrees]C was measured to investigate polymer shear degradation.
KV of formulated lubricants at 100[degrees]C (cSt) Polymer Unsheared Sheared Percentage KV loss SSI hPE 5.
It is evident that the unsheared sample has the lowest orientation (flatest curve), with the small dip at [alpha] = 90[degrees] signifying weak meridional alignment (due to initial squeezing flow).
Compared with the case of the unsheared samples [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 5 OMITTED], the resolution at the lamellar level is lost in numerous areas of any (2 x 2 [[micro]meter]) SFM image taken in any place of a spherulite.
Hence, the material close to the die wall is highly sheared, while the remaining material in the core flows is unsheared.