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not shaved



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Besmeared with mire; his saturated clothes clinging with a damp embrace about his limbs; his beard unshaven, his face unwashed, his meagre cheeks worn into deep hollows,--a more miserable wretch could hardly be, than this man who now cowered down upon the widow's hearth, and watched the struggling flame with bloodshot eyes.
Razumihin was sitting in a ragged dressing-gown, with slippers on his bare feet, unkempt, unshaven and unwashed.
The heavy, white face was seamed with lines of trouble, the hanging pouches under the closed eyes were leaden in colour, the loose mouth drooped dolorously at the corners, the rolling chins were unshaven.
Again a swift change passed over the heavy, unshaven face.
A Levantine, burly, unshaven, and soiled, towered truculently above him.
He was an unshaven little man in a threadbare coat like a gaberdine, with his feet in slippers, and I thought him a harmless fool.
My man was sallow of face, grizzled, unshaven, muddy on elbows and back; where the seams of his serge coat yawned you could see his white naked ness.
Kurt was also sitting up, a yard away from him, pink as ever, wrapped in blankets, and with an aluminium diver's helmet over his knee, staring at him with a severe expression, and rubbing his downy unshaven chin.
The first is 20 to 25, of medium build, with a pale complexion and unshaven.
The Dee Street flasher is described as 40 to 50, of medium build and unshaven, with short hair at the sides and bald on top.
An equally powerful blast is about to be delivered by a Warrant Officer who spotted an unshaven Grenadier Guard in another dramatic photo by Sergeant Rupert Frere, below.
TWO Muslim schoolboys, both 14, barred from classes because they would not shave off their beards will be allowed to return to school unshaven.
March, pictured right, who wears glasses, is described by South Wales Police as white, unshaven, 5ft 8in tall, with shaven brown hair.
Whenever I look in the mirror all I see are the growing crow's feet, the receding hair, the unshaven chin and little fleshy eyes" - Actor Ralph Fiennes.
The offender is black, in his late 50s to early 60s, 5ft 4in tall, unshaven and wearing a black leather coat and hat.