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not shaved


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Jared's unshaved, but no beard, and his long blond hair streams down his T-shirt, front and back.
Women were forced to cover up completely, and men to keep their faces unshaved.
I remember the unshaved legs and manicured toes in purple padded stirrups and the women they belonged to.
5 cm), then a flame resistant plate was put on the unshaved area, and uncovered area was subjected to an ethanol flame for 20 s to complete thermal injury process (12-15% of total body).
Meanwhile, a lot is being written about Varun's unshaved, angry look in the film.
Teachers were wearing ragged clothes; male teachers were unshaved and sullen.
She tried to look as presentable as she could with unshaved legs and bed head.
Well, it's not a problem in China where Twitter is celebrating girls who flaunt their unshaved underarms.
The Syrian actor told his beard-hating fans that he must keep it unshaved for his role in the sequel to "Saraya Abdeen.
It conjures up images of unexpected video calls on an active laptop coming from an angry boss, with the recipient of the call being unshaved, undressed or otherwise unprepared.
An unshaved crown was a clear marker of rebel affiliation.
The unshaved perineum at parturition: A bacteriological Study.
against, but the problem is that for 100 AMD we have dirty buses driven by unshaved drivers, buses where people are forced to sit on
The patrons are unshaved, ill-dressed, tough-looking men.
He was unshaved, with his cap tilted to one side and his cape over his shoulders.