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Slide the unsharpened pencil under the rubber bands so that it is perpendicular to them.
Most importantly, they develop tails with full, rounded fans and have unsharpened spurs that average about a quarter-inch in length.
The replaceable, 1-inch unsharpened blade of the Carp is designed for soft fish and maximum penetration, while the replaceable 1.
The quartz fiber tips are unsharpened and remain cool, which prevents accidental trauma and thermal burns, both to the patient and surgeon.
For data collection purposes, the teacher placed unsharpened pencils in his shirt pocket.
From this affair, Schoeffel learned three things: first, the unsharpened bayonet issued to the men was inadequate and the men did not like using it.
I placed my sack with all the unsharpened pencils carefully in the corner.
Each bag can also hold a set of "tools": a wooden pointy tool, a stick-type ballpoint pen and an unsharpened pencil that has an eraser on it.
I save this unsized, uncropped and unsharpened file as the master file.
Moaning without suggesting a remedy is like an unsharpened pencil.
but in all seriousness, this knife is useful It helps learn drills, actions and reactions with an unsharpened blade and also helps you practice without the tear of hurting yourself or someone else.
Daintily punctuated with unsharpened pencils, packing tape, thumbtacks, and other stuff procured from office-supply stores, the installation stands on stilts and creeps up to the gallery's removed ceiling.
This was a postmodern outlaw, attacking class and gender and race with weapons unsharpened by education or insight but by privilege, the privilege inherent in living in "tomorrow's city today.
On the thick unsharpened section known as the ricasso, just below the hilt, the reverse of the blade is etched 'J.