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Synonyms for unshakable

Synonyms for unshakable

marked by firm determination or resolution

without flaws or loopholes

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-- Russians' support of President Vladimir Putin looks unshakable ahead of his bid for re-election in March 2018, with his approval ratings at a buoyant 80% in 2017.
'The sacrifices of every American and Filipino who fought together in defense of our nations during that war forged an unshakable bond between our two peoples,' Kim said.
Puma unveiled that their new 'Tricks' boots, which essentially compromise of one pink and one turquoise blue boot, and their unusual look represents the unshakable confidence of players who wear them, and evoke their potential to do the unbelievable, the report added.
Golan people in Damascus Countryside stress unshakable support for army
There was a great measure of anticipation when the helicopter that carried Slapshock lifted off the ground en route to shoot scenes from post-"Yolanda" Tacloban as a backdrop to their tribute song "Unshakable."
That with an iron-will, an unshakable belief in justice and endless patience right can defeat wrong.
China is committed to peaceful development, but has "unshakable determination" to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity, newly appointed Premier Li Keqiang said Sunday.
'Unshakable' commitment US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said last month that the drill exemplified unprecedented levels of defense cooperation between the two countries meant to back up Washington's "unshakable" commitment to Israel's security.
The President reiterated his unshakable commitment to Israel's security, and the President and the Prime Minister promised to stay in touch in the coming weeks on these and other issues of mutual concern." -White House readout.
The talks with Barak, a former prime minister, were "an opportunity to reiterate our unshakable commitment to Israel's security," Toner said.
The most obvious one is that the tumult of recent weeks in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and most recently Oman, all reflect a broad desire among a populace to topple a regime that has ossified on its hitherto unshakable throne
They stressed the White House unshakable commitment to Israel's security, including through its continued support for Israel's military and the security cooperation between the two governments.
"Sarikamis Martyrdom, the Caucasus Front Martyrdom, is an unshakable monument of our history, civilization and brotherhood," Erdogan said during the ceremonies held in the eastern province of Kars to commemorate the 86th anniversary of Sarikamis Battle.
This is an unequivocal and unshakable Egyptian stance," Abul Ghei added.
The Party's national bureau condemned the actions of some Spanish nationals who have offended the feelings of Moroccans and their unshakable unanimity over territorial integrity, a statement by PAM said.