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Synonyms for unshakable

Synonyms for unshakable

marked by firm determination or resolution

without flaws or loopholes

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People of the occupied Syrian Golan in al-Nazihin gathering in Jdaidat al-Fadl area in Damascus Countryside went out in a rally on Wednesday voicing unshakable and unlimited support for members of the Syrian army who are fighting the fiercest of battles against the armed terrorist groups.
CJCSC General Tariq responded by thanking China for its unmatched unconditional support to Pakistan in its difficult times always, and termed its multidimensional partnership with Pakistan unshakable because it is robustly anchored in converging strategic interests, common goals and a shared sense of destiny.
The Party's national bureau condemned the actions of some Spanish nationals who have offended the feelings of Moroccans and their unshakable unanimity over territorial integrity, a statement by PAM said.
As the president has repeatedly said, our commitment to Israel's security is unshakable and our defence relationship is stronger than ever," Vietor said.
Hillary Clinton said the United States and Israel have a "close, unshakable bond" and that Washington remained absolutely committed to Israeli security.
Gates said Marshall was "a personal hero" known for unshakable loyalty and frankness.
The 65-year-old, who prepared over 80 winners from his base at Wickhambook over the years, saddled his final runner when stable stalwart Unshakable beat only one home in a handicap at Nottingham in October.
But Celina also has an unshakable belief that those who have the blessings and goodwill of others have nothing to worry about.
I hope that through this visit to South Korea, the confidence between the leaders will be strengthened further and that the future-oriented Japanese-South Korean relationship will be unshakable,'' Hirano said.
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As attempts on his life mushroom, he tries to walk away from the bloodshed, but an unshakable antagonist trails him and will not be denied.
He had an unshakable alibi: The assault had occurred when he was on TV describing how people could improve their ability to remember faces.
The hem of God's robe fills the huge temple; the voice of God shakes the unshakable hinges of the mighty doors.
Bush, a man who has taken the positions of an unshakable ideologue: on supply-side economics, on privatization, on Social Security, on the Terri Schiavo case, and, most disastrously, on Iraq.
But we sure get what makes Buzz distinctive: an unshakable belief that the rich and powerful will always cheat the average guy, and he crankily considers himself one of the latter to this day.