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Antonyms for unshaded

(of pictures) not having shadow represented


not darkened or dimmed by shade


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Effect of feed-bunk sprinklers on attendance at unshaded feed bunks in drylot dairies.
Unshaded subgroups were searched in this analysis, shaded subgroups are provided for hierarchical context CPC Class Description A61B 17/00 Surgical instruments, devices or methods, e.
Shaded surfaces, for example, may be 20-45 degrees cooler than the peak temperatures of unshaded surfaces.
Shade dramatically reduces plants' water needs, so a partly-shaded lawn will need less water than unshaded.
A standard grid-connected solar photovoltaic system that can power your home will require about 20 solar panels, each of which will need to be wired together and mounted to your roof (or set up on an unshaded ground location on your property).
Shaded area (lower half of figure) is hours after sunset; unshaded area (upper half of figure) shows daylight hours.
To install solar panels you need a large flat unshaded rooftop surface, ideally in a property at least the size of a fourbedroom villa, not to mention thepermission of your landlord if you are a tenant at the property.
Some insects are more abundant and feed more on unshaded plants (Batch 1984; Lincoln & Mooney 1984), whereas other insects are more damaging to shaded plants (Bryant et al.
The three sites were selected for their large, unshaded roofs, high electricity rates, and the availability of state solar incentives.
According to 3M, its patented technology enables the colouring of unshaded ceramics by colour-matching dental restorations to the natural colour of patients' teeth.
Sheltered vegetation around the pond will provide shelter for newly-emerged adults and places to hunt and rest and the best ponds are sheltered from the wind, mostly unshaded and have shallow water margins.
On May 19, 2009, Arizona state prisoner Marcia Powell, 48, collapsed after being left in an unshaded outdoor chain-link cage for four hours under a scorching summer sun.
A seven-kilometer loop done thrice on unshaded jog paths would be the final hurdle.
Where there are sidewalks in the CBDs, they are wide and clean, which helps, but they are also unshaded, long super-blocks with dead facades-they look good from a car, but are not particularly interesting or pleasant on the street level.
There are two types: thermal which just heat the water, and photovoltaic (PV) which generate electricity, and it's these all the fuss is about, though you'll usually need a reasonably sized, unshaded roof, facing south-ish.