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not sexually aroused or arousing


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However, when it comes to franchise concepts, "boring" and "unsexy" often come with other adjectives like "stable," "affordable" and "profitable."
I was embarrassed and felt unsexy. I wasn't ready to wear panty pads all day, every day, either.'
THE distinctly unsexy sport of golf rarely makes for gripping cinema, but this affectionate portrait of the late, great Severiano Ballesteros proves to be a welcome exception.
Thomas said that it was important for her to be fit and feel sexy again, as pregnancy had made her feel tired, drained and "totally unsexy".
Winning one requires participation in this unsexy world of politics which entails going door to door, canvassing, campaigning and actually showing up to the polls on Election Day.
"Love scenes in movies by nature are unsexy generally and awkward.
The pressure to move on, move things forward, the next big thing, it's cramping everyone's pleasure" Baroness (Joan) Bakewell lamenting that many people "cut short" the 12 days of Christmas "A politicised, dogmatic and scary organisation" TV's Kirstie Allsopp, above, is no fan of the National Childbirth Trust "I work with a lot of people and you often don't know whether they are dead or alive" Labour's Baroness King of Bow "Love scenes in movies by nature are unsexy generally and awkward.
We've seen Stemist mooted in these pages but it is, to be blunt, unsexy. So please send in your suggestions for the most appropriate name destined for protected status, either in the existing lexicon or of your own devising.
"You don't usually go to a steakhouse to feel beautiful," says architect Emil Humbert, of the Monaco-based firm M2, referencing the decidedly unsexy red banquettes and rustic dark wood paneling common to prime-meat establishments.
Teenage Sex and Pregnancy: Modern Myths, Unsexy Realities.
Wright said that while social media may seem "sexy," it's the unsexy things that will make the difference for credit unions.
Teenage sex and pregnancy; modern myths, unsexy realities.
After reading Laid, I am grateful to my mother and wonder if that simple rock the cradle, rule the world message may be enough for a teenager to bypass a lot of the unsexy sex that is out there.
That criticism cannot be hurled at the Almeida Theater's new "Measure for Measure." Michael Attenborough's thoughtful if unsexy production boasts a chilly Ben Miles as the willful Duke, a dynamic performance a million miles from his sweetly feckless vet in "The Norman Conquests."
I was intrigued by his fresh approach to being an organist, a traditionally unsexy vocation, and sought him out on YouTube after reading the story.