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Synonyms for unsexed

deprived of sexual capacity or sexual attributes


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The use of "unsexed" by 1790s' feminists--within the context of the unsexed mind or the mind that is of no sex--differs significantly from other writers' uses, for example, that of Richard Polwhele in his antifeminist poem, The Unsex'd Females, or of Thomas Mathias when he satirizes women writers by referring to them as "our unsexed female writers.
Every porcupine in our study for which at least two of the eight paired measurements were available exhibited measureable asymmetry for from one to all of those characters, with the exception of a single unsexed subadult, which was symmetrical for each of the four available paired characters.
Table 2 Average observed and predicted (von Bertalanffy) fork lengths (mm) of east coast sexed and unsexed common snook, Centropomus undecimalis, and average observed lengths of females and males.
An unsexed skull (MWSU 15262), that of a young adult, was retrieved by MWSU biology student Dennis Smith.
A total of 3,200 d-old, unsexed Cobb-500 broiler chicks were randomly allotted to 16 pens (replicates), with 200 chicks per pen.
Giroux's presentation is irritating for being largely ungendered and almost completely unsexed.
0 mm) towards a higher value results in increasing sexing accuracy, but also increases the number of unsexed individuals.
2003) is the only one, however, that includes morphometric measurements, those of the head of an unsexed specimen recorded in Bahia Magdalena, Baja California Sur, Mexico.
For the evaluation of the effects of direct contact, 15 newly emerged and unsexed adult mites were placed on the adaxial side of disks, using a thin soft brush made of hair (size 00).
insularis individuals (a mixture of 4th and 5th nymphal instars, and unsexed adults from an established laboratory colony maintained according to Vazquez' [2010] protocol on St.
Abstract: An unsexed, 16-year-old blue-and-gold macaw (Ara ararauna) was presented for evaluation of rapidly growing subcutaneous masses at the left tibiotarso-tarsometatarsal joint.