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not of such character as to arouse intense interest, curiosity, or emotional reaction


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Who'd have though 'sthat a couple of decades or so on, he'd be a regular fixture in the solid and unsensational Middle England crime drama series Midsomer Murders, as the earnest Detective Sergeant Ben Jones?
It is in light of this rivalry that the Irish Champion Stakes duel between Godolphin's gifted, if previously unsensational, Fantastic Light (pictured, right) and Aidan O'Brien's prospective world-beater Galileo may be seen as a remarkable triumph for the Italo-Arabic contingent.
With four million album sales to date, the Scottish lass has cornered the market in solid, unsensational singer songwriting for sports arenas.
The drama is a sober and unsensational account of a story in which there is legitimate public interest."
Lewis put it like this: Much as [Bergson] enjoys the sight of things "penetrating" and "merging" do we enjoy the opposite picture of them standing apart--the wind blowing between them and the air circulating freely in and out of them: much as he enjoys the "indistinct", the "qualitative", the misty, sensational and ecstatic, very much more do we value the distinct, the geometric, the universal, non-qualitied--the clear and the light, the unsensational ...
(13) He is also fight to stress the need for "concise, constructive, jargon- and acronym-free, non-technical, unsensational, light-on-anecdote" analysis (p.
George is alienated, he's lonely, but he's keenly aware of the world he lives in, and at the end of his day, while having dinner with his friend, George "begins to feel this utterly mysterious unsensational thing--not bliss, not ecstasy, not joy--just plain happiness.
When interpreted in the light of contemporary manners, [however,] Luther's childhood and adolescence seem strikingly "normal" and unsensational. By the standards expected in that period, his parents were far from heavy-handed; they were deeply devoted to his welfare and he remained on unusually affectionate terms with them to the end of their long lives.
It is undeniable that the majority of women who graced either the cover or pages of Ebony during the early years of the publication were featured in borderline socially-irrelevant articles that could easily be categorized as "fluff" that either focused on the latest in entertainment news or sensationalized the singularly unsensational. (16) Upon occasion when Ebony did chance to provide coverage of women involved in the politics of economic, educational, or social change, the presence of an article of that nature was most assuredly the exception, rather than rule.
The article was unsensational in tone and factual in content.
The unsensational opening narration of the dramatic event of a schoolteacher's murder establishes the matter-of-fact style which characterises the whole novel.
Steer's report, which appeared on April 28th in The Times and the New York Times, subdued and unsensational in tone, managed to incorporate a vivid sense of both the scale of the atrocity and of the extent to which it represented a new kind of warfare:
"The plain, unsensational truth is that only 3% of the staff working in the NHS are managers." He said the NHS simply could not function without them.
The film portrays a family in the middle of a fractious zone, but everyday rituals proceed, and no one seems to notice the filmmaker, who forges a tender and unsensational representation of Palestinian life.