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Synonyms for unselfishness

Synonyms for unselfishness

the quality of not putting yourself first but being willing to give your time or money or effort etc. for others

acting generously


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You look at his performances of late and wonder if he was a victim of his own unselfishness, energy and work rate because a number of managers look like they played him out of position.
But it is his unselfishness, workrate and link-up play that has endeared him to Wolves fans as much as his goal tally.
His industry, unselfishness and hold-up play is understood to have endeared him to his Molineux team-mates as well as his manager.
Further to their team play, the Risers' unselfishness finds them ranked seventh in assists in the 26-team league with 20.1 per game.
This study focused on unselfishness from an economical and evolutionary perspective.
He informed that,'Fasting inculcates in us patience, unselfishness, and gratitude.
He informed that, 'Fasting inculcates in us patience, unselfishness, and gratitude.
With the spirit of the 'Burning Bush,' he ultimately became a part of 'Taiwan's earth.' Isn't the unselfishness of MacKay part of Taiwan value?
King encouraged Americans to engage in a "dangerous unselfishness."
Thorgan Hazard's unselfishness was crucial in creating the killer blow with 10 minutes remaining.
For a 10-year increase in age, there were increases in the odds of selecting politeness, hard work and respecting others, thrift/saving, unselfishness, and religiousness in both samples.
We had a good shooting day, and more than that, I like our unselfishness, great passing, looking for each other today.'
The characters involved in this story about unselfishness, kindness and repentance, all find themselves pulled together in the hotel Tayga.
Unselfishness personified, Peter put goals on a plate.