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in an unselfish manner

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We were all extremely glad to see Traddles so put down, and exalted Steerforth to the skies: especially when he told us, as he condescended to do, that what he had done had been done expressly for us, and for our cause; and that he had conferred a great boon upon us by unselfishly doing it.
With a great pang mercifully spared me, I could take back to my heart my childish prayer to be all he had so brightly shown himself; and there was nothing to be undone: no chain for me to break or for him to drag; and I could go, please God, my lowly way along the path of duty, and he could go his nobler way upon its broader road; and though we were apart upon the journey, I might aspire to meet him, unselfishly, innocently, better far than he had thought me when I found some favour in his eyes, at the journey's end.
While there was still time for Cork City to try to find a winner, they left space as they did so and their punishment was compounded in injury time as sub Michael O'Connor fed Georgie Poynton in the area, the midfielder unselfishly squaring to Walter Figueira (inset) for the winner.
Jacky Davies SOMEONE like you unselfishly saved my son years ago.
'You courageously and unselfishly responded to the call of duty to ensure the safety of our communities.
On this occasion, I convey deep expressions of gratitude for the enormous help and support that the United States has unselfishly provided to our country over all these years.
The Scholars took the lead after 10 minutes when leading scorer Tom Hill unselfishly teed up Will Whieldon, who couldn't miss from six yards.
'Think unselfishly. Make yourself part of something big, and go back to bring value to others.
The striker, La Liga's top scorer with 14 goals, then completed his hat-trick from close range after Arturo Vidal unselfishly squared to him in front of goal.
Early in the second half Omogba unselfishly squared a pass to teammate Dzarma Bata for an easy tap-in and the Africans were well on their way to the knockout stage.
He is unselfishly serving as a legislator because he truly wants to see our state succeed and help provide a better future for our children.
[USA], Oct 18 (ANI): What happens to those who behave unselfishly and make sacrifices for the sake of others?
Sister Pat, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for the 27 years you unselfishly stood by our people.
To me he was a mentor as well, and an encyclopedia of the genre, often and unselfishly pointing me to predecessors of my ideas as well as adding insights and suggestions.
Son unselfishly teed up Kane to net before getting on the scoresheet himself after fine play by Dele Alli.