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not selective or discriminating

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On the other hand, the selectivity of the unselective products (COx) decreased from the range of 14.
And in Rossetti's poem, a similar effect derives from the apparently unselective nature of perception and remembrance that are also occasionally quite precise.
Defining the role of endothelins in renal pathophysiology on the basis of selective and unselective endothelin receptor antagonist studies.
The EU wants to reduce the landings of bass by 46% from 2856 tonnes last year to 1449 for 2016; but inshore gill netters, who are unselective in their catch and throw back dead, undersized fish will still be allowed to take 1 tonne of bass per month through the second half of the year and industrial scale trawling by mainly Spanish and French vessels will continue.
This method enables an unselective measurement of total antioxidant capacity; this method measures the overall antioxidant capacity and not a specific antioxidant [14].
High stocking rates result in unselective heavy grazing that destroys the integrity of tallgrass prairie and increases the risk of trampling of individual plants (Howe, 1994; Alexander et al, 2010).
Ways of targeting chaperone proteins and other elements of the protein quality control (PQC) system are discussed, followed by sequential treatment of proteasomal degradation, unselective and selective disposal systems, particularly autophagic mechanisms.
Moreover, the authors argue that this cross-modal plasticity of the blind people is unselective and does not require experience or practice to ensure a high degree of sound localization specialization in the occipital cortex.
Unselective vaccination of millions of adults, based solely on their age, is unlikely to be feasible in China.
Which is not to say, however, that it is highly reliable; concern that it may not be is heightened by the (scanty) secondary literature, which depicts NADDIS as an unselective, unweeded repository of unsubstantiated allegations, often dated.
Wrong settings can lead to unselective or false operation of protection relay [1].
Munch, being a good sociologist, may have been deliberately unselective.
Bycatch is a major problem for trawling as the nets are relatively unselective and much of this unintended catch is discarded as not desirable, thus catching and killing fish unnecessarily.
The NAM strongly rejects using the UNSC as a tool for pursuing special political goals and interests and believes that the Council's performance should be impartial, unselective and accompanied by accountability," Dehqani underlined.
The democracy and freedom, unselective justice and uncorrupt judiciary and independent journalism are more than needed.