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rid of segregation

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Starting in the 1950s, King expressed concern for"the survival of the world," and linked environmental and civil rights issues:"It is very nice to drink milk at an unsegregated lunch counter but not when there's strontium 90 in it." Exactly one year after his sermon, on Christmas Eve 1968, Colonel Frank Borman and his crew were on their fourth orbit around the moon when he saw the earth swinging around the left side of the lunar horizon."Oh, my God!" Borman exclaimed,"Look at that picture over there!
Discussion points included challenges faced by cities and governments due to improper and unsegregated waste and e-waste dumping at landfills; the impact of unsegregated and e-waste dumping on the environment, especially locally; the measures the government, NGOs, and waste recycling companies are taking to improve the situation; and the role of organisations and stakeholders in supporting the government's commitment to proper waste management.
Space is wasted on unwanted information on the unsegregated dimensions.
Currently, the unsegregated waste is collected in huge steel containers.
That caused its own issue with a minor scuffle between unsegregated rival fans in the Sevilla end but it was nothing compared to the pain felt on and off the pitch by those in red.
There were ugly scenes as supporters from each side clashed in what appeared to be an unsegregated area of Basel's St Jakob Park stadium.
That caused its own issue with a minor scuffle between unsegregated fans in the Sevilla end but it was nothing compared to the pain felt on and off the pitch by those in red.
That, coupled with an increasing number of data types, repositories, content types, and in some cases, terabytes and petabytes of unsegregated data, has caused companies to flounder when it comes to efficiency in reporting and identifying meaningful trends in their business.
Containers fulfilled the criteria of dedicated trolleys for internal transport but 100% waste is unsegregated in these containers.
I must have missed the unsegregated happy-clappy love-dovey sections at the rest of the grounds in the country.
This work includes six different CNT interconnect geometries includes, bundles made of, segregated and unsegregated SWCNTs, segregated and un-segregated MWC-NTs, mixed CNTs of random nature and also bundles formed by mixing of SWCNTs and MWCTS in known proportions.
A South African expat in the UAE says he couldn't have received an unsegregated education had it not been for anti-apartheid hero Nelson Mandela.
They want Israeli government action redirected from taking land to creating an open, barrier-free, diverse, equality-driven, justice-practicing, truthfully law-abiding nation-state of Israel/Palestine that welcomes all who want to live or return there - on all the land, unsegregated, un-"cantonized", un-walled and united in justice - which would then bring a realizable, durable peace of which mere dialogue between two students in Eugene can only hint.
Drone usage is showing real potential for disaster management and industrial inspection applications, although outstanding issues regarding the acceptance of these aircraft in unsegregated airspace have still to be solved before this occurs writ large.
At the same time they removed visual barriers between the clerks and waiting people in the new building to express the unsegregated relationship between a citizen and the institution.