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Synonyms for unsealed

not established or confirmed


not closed or secured with or as if with a seal

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ISLAMABAD -- The Supreme Court on WednesAday unsealed three rival sugar mills in south Punjab when the five existing and operational mills failed to reach an agreement on finding a via media for lifting the available sugarcane crop from the farmers at the government price of Rs180 per maund.
It is also possible that the Trump Administration wanted the indictment unsealed to convey that it is still enforcing the US sanctions laws and will come after anyone who helps Iran get its hands on American goods, ^
BRUSSELS, April 25 (KUNA) -- The International Criminal Court has unsealed the warrant of arrest for Al-Tuhamy Mohamed Khaled allegedly responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity in the context of the situation in Libya in 2011.
SAN FRANCISCO, Ramadan 26, 1437, July 01, 2016, SPA -- A Secret Service agent who stole money seized by the government in the investigation of underground drug bazaar Silk Road is now suspected of stealing money in at least two other cases, according to court filings unsealed on Thursday, according to Reuters.
Dan Patrick issued statements prematurely, including information from the unsealed indictment, jeopardizing investigators who were still questioning witnesses in the case.
Two Bahamians are among six men hit by a multi-count indictment unsealed in a US federal court over an alleged $500 million offshore asset protection, securities fraud and money laundering scheme based in Belize, reports the Nassau Guardian (Sept.
CINCINNATI -- Deep-sea explorers recovered millions of dollars in gold and silver and a slew of personal items that are a virtual time capsule of the California Gold Rush, according to newly unsealed court documents that provide the first detailed inventory of a treasure trove being resurrected from an 1857 shipwreck at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.
Newly unsealed records include the names only of those overheard by the bugs installed in the break-ins at the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate.
Molex announced the availability of the Mini50 Unsealed Connector System, a new miniaturized unsealed, wire-to-board system validated to automotive standards.
Safe packages containing voting protocols from disputable polling stations will be unsealed, she said.
Make an appropriate number of parts with a hold time known to provide gate seal and a second set with a second-stage time known to provide parts with unsealed or unfrozen gates.
Unsealed duct leakage depends on the machinery used for its fabrication, material thickness, assembly methods employed, and workmanship during installation.
The latest accusations are contained in court records that have been recently unsealed and reveal details of a lawsuit by Davis and her husband, Brad, who both worked for Blackwater.
Minneapolis MN) and five other companies promoted surgical devices for unapproved uses, cheating the federal Medicare program, a whistleblower said in lawsuits unsealed in Houston.
Jose Canseco, Lenny Dykstra, Glenallen Hill and Geronimo Berroa were accused of using steroids by former major league pitcher Jason Grimsley in a federal agent's affidavit unsealed Thursday.