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Synonyms for unscrupulous

Synonyms for unscrupulous

lacking scruples or principles

Antonyms for unscrupulous

without scruples or principles

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Yoana Barakova, the researcher at the European Foundation for South Asian Studies (EFSAS), underlined that Pakistan "unscrupulously exports terrorism" and continues to use terror outfits to engage in proxy war against its neighbours, implying India and Afghanistan.
They argued that the reduction in the fees should be made as per the last fee structure, adding that the fee had been unscrupulously increased in excess of 20% before SC's orders.
Rumours of private competitors unscrupulously cannibalizing and depleting the airlines of machinery and scarce professionals then ensued
So please forgive the cynic in me for believing this Fine Gael-led Government has unscrupulously increased the retirement age in the hope a significant percentage of public servants won't survive to collect their pensions.
Walk for Animals 2018 is an event organised by Dubai-based animal lover and rescuer Fawaz Kanaan who is inviting pet owners to walk their dogs and cats, in order to drive home a strong message to not abuse and unscrupulously dump pets.
The economic managers also called on the public to stay on guard against profiteers and report those who unscrupulously take advantage of the current rice situation.
The SSGC recommendations were rejected by the LPG distributors who demanded action be taken in respect to the 'unscrupulously high' signature bonuses on domestic production.
The positions of influence they command open doors for them to make lots of money, unscrupulously of course.But more fundamentally, politicians have many avenues for being bribed with hordes of easy money that they surreptitiously convince themselves that it is not stolen or solicited cash.
And yet there were handful of privileged individuals who unscrupulously carted away huge sums of public wealth, whose worth beats human imagination.
"He exploited them unscrupulously and determinedly." Jurors were told Bariana, who ran Antonio's takeaway, on Plessey Road, Blyth, and another takeaway on Olive Street, Sunderland, did not make any returns to the Inland Revenue between 2011 and 2016 and did not keep paper records of who worked for him.
People unknowingly become political puppets, their strings pulled unscrupulously by the master manipulators of social media.
Majid Al Sinani, Systems Engineer at The Research Council, home to Oman's brightest minds and thinkers, said the one thing online trolls, cyber bullies and spammers had in common was the desire to unscrupulously gain at the expense of the other.
The Biblical character of Samson harnessed incredible power through his long, thick hair, but he is unscrupulously tricked into letting his secret slip by the beautiful Delilah.
When used unscrupulously to sow terror and fear, and achieve criminal objectives, money, too, could kill.
The point is that, as long as there are so many people who are willing to blindly swallow and promote stuff like this, the phony rhetoric of those who unscrupulously place party or personal agenda over country will have an audience of uninformed followers whom they can manipulate at will.