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All the elderly ladies whom Archer knew regarded any woman who loved imprudently as necessarily unscrupulous and designing, and mere simple- minded man as powerless in her clutches.
Only unscrupulous witches use the art, and therefore I must ask Mombi to effect your release from her charm, and restore you to your proper form.
They have a particularly unscrupulous Press to deal with, besides political intriguers.
Taking his place at the table, Henry gave a most amusing account of the position of his brother Francis between the mercenary opera-dancer on one side, and the unscrupulous manager of the French theatre on the other.
Heasyoasy (for so he still named the skipper) was a man, by his account, that minded for nothing either in heaven or earth; one that, as people said, would "crack on all sail into the day of judgment;" rough, fierce, unscrupulous, and brutal; and all this my poor cabin-boy had taught himself to admire as something seamanlike and manly.
You have been all your days a bold and unscrupulous schemer, but ends have at any rate been worthy ones.
With more than half of the nation's taxpayers relying on someone else to prepare their tax return, the Internal Revenue Service reminded consumers to be on the lookout for unscrupulous tax preparers looking to make a fast buck from honest people seeking tax assistance.
Summary: The UAE and India have signed an historic agreement that could stop unscrupulous local employers who fail to deliver on …
Malacanang yesterday warned the public against unscrupulous individuals posing as members of the Cabinet of President Rodrigo Duterte who are actually engaged in soliciting funds from the public.
Dubai: The Indian Consulate in Dubai has issued an advisory about unscrupulous shipping companies and agents following a huge number of complaints received recently from Indian seafarers in distress in the UAE waters.
Despite complaints rising by a fifth between 2011 and 2016, the number of inspections carried out by the EAS has fallen by over half, said Labour, adding that the agency failed to bring a single prosecution forward or seek any prohibitions on unscrupulous employers in the past year.
I am interested that he refers to the situation of some workers who might have some job insecurity and potentially unscrupulous bosses," she told Mr Corbyn.
And as necessary, we will seek available legal avenues as we assert the legality of the reform programs with the goal of protecting the motoring public from fixers and unscrupulous TPL insurance agents, Cabrera said.
But unfortunately many unscrupulous builders simply used to disappear by selling flats without even starting or completing the project.
The warning comes from the RSPCA, Durham Constabulary and Durham County Council who have joined forces to tackle unlicensed and unscrupulous sellers.