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not furnished with or using a script

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Format: One-Hour Unscripted Goes behind-the-scenes of the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino in glitzy Las Vegas.
Support the movement that celebrates humanity in its pure unscripted form.
DEADLIEST CATCH claimed Augusts #1 unscripted cable series in M25-54 while ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE claimed the top spot across P2+.
Snapchat shows will be developed on a variety of formats including documentaries, reality TV, scripted and unscripted shows, comedies and dramas.
FEEL LIKE YOU WERE CAUGHT IN A TIME LOOP after reading the names of this year's unscripted Emmy nominees?
And so, in the latest Cardiff Unscripted project - a rolling collection of short films, animations and features about life in the capital and the region - we have crunched some numbers to help illustrate what is so great about Cardiff.
THE ONLY WAY IS ESSEX ITV2 10pm It may be about as unscripted as a WWE grappling bout, but TOWIE remains a guilty pleasure.
Berning's no stranger to hit shows, as the AETN brands specialize in cranking out the sort of broad reach unscripted fare that also appeals to younger viewers.
"The famed British playwright Joe Orton was considered quite the raconteur before being bludgeoned to death by his bald lover." On top of that, four audience members are called onstage to participate, and the unscripted element gives the show a fun, unpredictable edge.
The studios also secured an unlikely coup in 1968, when an unscripted interview with Prince Philip was shot there for the discussion programme Face the Press.
Flash back to the early '60s, when Lower Manhattan was a brand-new breeding ground for experimental art's myriad crossovers with performance, theater, dance, sound, film, and new technology and Robert Whitman was all over the map of what would come to be known as "downtown art." Fresh out of Rutgers, where he studied with Allan Kaprow alongside George Segal, Lucas Samaras, George Brecht, and Robert Watts, Whitman found his way to the forefronts of vanguard art with "theater works," his preferred term for scripted and unscripted events staged with performers, audience participation, light and image projections, film footage, found objects, constructed props, and, occasionally, elaborate sets.
They talk about a range of subjects, from holidays to doctors and gardening, using the unscripted comments of the general public from around the country.
Up to 100 people were in church when Rev Chris Sterry beat the Guinness Book of Records target for an unscripted speech.
In this newly created role, Ring will oversee domestic production for scripted, unscripted, short-form and live events across Viacom's brand portfolio -- including Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, CMT, TV Land, Nickelodeon, Paramount Network and BET, and the studio production units launched by Comedy Central, MTV and Nickelodeon -- as well as for Viacom Digital Studios.
DAME Joan Collins is bringing her one-woman show - Unscripted - to Merseyside.