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Synonyms for unsavory

lacking an appetizing flavor

so unpleasant in flavor as to be inedible

Synonyms for unsavory

morally offensive

not pleasing in odor or taste

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New Delhi (India), Aug 20 ( ANI ): Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Monday urged the citizens to work collectively to defeat the 'unsavory trends' of the communal forces that are responsible for polarisation and violent crimes in the country.
Cisco (CSCO) has deleted a blog post by its chief marketing officer which said the company would pull all its advertisements from Google's (GOOG, GOOGL) YouTube over concerns about unsavory content "until the platform has met our standards," the Wall Street Journal reports, citing the removal of the post.
South Korean President Park Geun Hye apologized Monday for an "unsavory" incident during her state visit to the United States last week in which her former spokesman allegedly groped a Korean-American woman who had been hired by the South Korean Embassy as a temporary assistant.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Park Geun-hye, South Korea's president, personally apologized for an "unsavory" incident during her summit visit to the US that led to the dismissal of her chief spokesman.
An unsavory character could have come in, and we just can't put the children in the event or the students at the host school at risk like that."
It was unsavory but the police have acted swiftly and put it in order.
An unsavory tattoo can lead to an unsavory underworld.
And with the average apartment selling for more than $1 million even in this down market, it's hard to reconcile Manhattan's power brokers, who have armies of assistants and star-studded clienteles, with the historically unsavory image of the stereotypical real estate salesman.
For the past few years, he has been busy peddling his racial and political message to unsavory audiences in Russia, Ukraine, and the Middle East.
Other unsavory offshoots of the boom include safety lawsuits that have recently been gathering momentum, according to Fredrick Cohen, co-chair of the construction law practice at Brown, Raysman, Milstein, Felder and Steiner LLP.
The Seven Deadly Sins have been used for centuries to dramatically illustrate the unsavory habits that will send you slip-sliding into damnation.
But, after wallowing in the mud for nearly three hours, one wonders if learning all the unsavory details enhances our appreciation of the artist.
The book offers a time capsule view into the battle tactics of the British Navy and some of the unsavory practices running rampant in the Royal Navy at that time.
Every season, about a million skin cancer reports are sent to the media, with unsavory photos of young folks who thought lying in the sun was groovy but ended up with chunks of their faces, ears or whatever being surgically removed to prevent lying out forever ...
Encouraged by these reports, the authors braved backcountry areas populated by deadly snakes, Tasmanian devils, and other unsavory creatures.