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Antonyms for unsaturated

not saturated

used of a compound (especially of carbon) containing atoms sharing more than one valence bond

(of color) not chromatically pure

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The unsaturated fat diet also used carbohydrates for 48% of total calories, fat 37% (monounsaturated fat 21%), and protein 15%.
During the 1970s, efforts were made to protect the unsaturated fats against modification by mixing chemical additives with the feed.
Geographical analysis of Unsaturated Polyester (UP) shows that the fastest Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.
This study estimates the market value for unsaturated polyesters resins during the forecast period (2015-2020).
Lucintel discusses the various challenges and opportunities faced by the Indian unsaturated polyester resin market.
According to the research conducted at the University of California, San Diego, saturated fats tend to be solid at room temperature as they contain fatty acids that are saturated with hydrogen atoms and the carbon atoms are bonded to as many hydrogen atoms as possible, whereas unsaturated fats contain fatty acids with a lower ratio of carbon to hydrogen, Live Science reported.
The Expert Panel is of the opinion that there are no safety concerns regarding unsaturated branched chain alcohols under the present declared levels of use and exposure.
The 28 papers from the June 2010 conference are divided into two sections addressing the characterization of engineering properties and the constitutive behavior of unsaturated soil materials; and laboratory and field measurements of unsaturated soil properties and phenomena for specific practical applications.
Valu-Fil resin filler for use with unsaturated polyester spray-up applications is a high-purity, soft-white dihydrate form of calcium sulfate designed for low-cost fire retardancy and smoke suppression in filled, room-temperature, cure resin systems.
For example, a classification of "R" (as in SBR) indicates the rubber has an unsaturated carbon molecular chain containing carbon-carbon double bonds.
Unsaturated fats can be broken down into poly-unsaturated and mono-unsaturated.
More specifically, the present invention provides novel group B meningococcal unsaturated N-acyl derivative polysaccharides, novel conjugates of the group B meningococcal unsaturated N-acyl derivative polysaccharides, pharmaceutical compositions comprising conjugate molecules of group B meningococcal unsaturated N-acyl derivative polysaccharide fragments covalently bound to proteins, and the use of these compositions as vaccines.
To create more of this fat, manufacturers chemically process unsaturated plant oils--hence the words "partially hydrogenated vegetable oil" on many ingredient lists.
The question is: After you get the basics of a healthy diet--enough fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and fish, poultry, or beans--do you spend your remaining calories on unsaturated fats or on more carbohydrates like bread, pasta, and cereal?
Unsaturated conditions result in lower permeability values than would be expected under saturated conditions and can affect the downward flow of moisture and the waste-moisture contact.