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The basis of suffering--or dukkha--is attributed to persistent experiences of unsatisfactoriness that is borne from our intrinsic need to cling to and crave objects and states.
deeper, less definable unsatisfactoriness in the very foundations of
We can retrospectively formulate empirical predictions that could have been made in 1912 of the overcoming of the European rival-imperialisms system; in 1937 of the collapse of fascism; in 1987 of Marxism-Leninism as a dynamic state ideology: predictions in each case couched with reference to the unsatisfactoriness of the respective ideologies in meeting human need, as well as with reference, of course, to military and economic contingencies that were also critical in bringing these vanquishings about at the times and in the precise manner that they did.
When facing the sort of situations that raise the very real possibility of harm, Dewey asserts there are only two courses of action open: A person can "make a change in himself either by running away from trouble or by steeling himself to Stoic endurance; or he can set to work to do something so as to change the conditions of which unsatisfactoriness is a quality.
Stage three is called the fearless mind, referring to those who have realized the unsatisfactoriness of this earthly life.
13) The unsatisfactoriness of the situation is most poignantly expressed by Walter Benjamin as the contradiction between the "aestheticization of politics" (fascism) and the "politicization of aesthetics" (communism), which closes "The Work of Art in the Age of Technological Reproduction.
Human existence, therefore, conceived comprehensively, is characterized by a ubiquitous sense of unsatisfactoriness and dis-ease.
The `Four Noble Truths', said to encapsulate his doctrine, begin with the fact of unhappiness (or, more properly, the fundamental unsatisfactoriness of life, over which we have no control and in which no good things last).
While in this work Austin-Broos does not engage anthropologically with the other side of the negotiation -- that is, with the `non Aboriginal consociates' who refuse `spaces of disclosure' -- importantly, the unsatisfactoriness of such spaces as the land courts is identified.
As late as 1872, the registrar general of Ontario remarked that "the death returns exhibit their bad pre-eminence in unsatisfactoriness.
Coming to terms with these natural truths allows us to move more freely in everyday situations of unsatisfactoriness without becoming frustrated with them--in the thought of some future goal that is consequently being missed.
Significant in Jovellanos's conception of origin is its elusive nature or, once successfully identified, the unsatisfactoriness of the concept in its designated role.
In 1925-26, Lorca, like Dali, wished to avoid confronting areas of potential disturbance and messiness, both in his art and in his personal life, but experience increasingly showed the unsatisfactoriness of such aspirations, in ways that the poet was more prepared to recognize than his friend seems to have been.
Pearl and Sir Gawain, operating at a distance from the divine formez of biblical history, proclaim the unsatisfactoriness of human signs in comparison to divine ones, and of human artefacts compared with God's - his shaping of sacred history.
dissenting) (noting elusiveness and unsatisfactoriness of domicile concept); Griswold, supra note 44, at 195 (calling domicile a "highly artificial concept").