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in an unsatisfactory manner

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Based on Massimo Gramellini's successful novel, the film is composed of several exquisite stand-alone sequences unsatisfactorily strung together on a thin cord of mother love, in a story of a middle-aged man unable to overcome the loss of his mother when he was nine.
Many urgent issues are left unsettled, or dealt with unsatisfactorily, begetting more uncertainty.
Unfortunately, most patients with advanced PD are unsatisfactorily controlled by the usual therapeutic approach.
If one aims to do it seriously, then nothing short of a range of methods will do: text and visual analysis, exhaustive in-depth interviews combined with questionnaires and systematic observation, and then the result may still turn out to be unsatisfactorily vague.
The query is posed musically by a solo trumpet and answered unsatisfactorily by a cacophonous group of woodwinds, which Ives characterized as "fighting answerers" who in the end give up the quest.
In addition, Kelleher somewhat unsatisfactorily concludes by noting parallels between Wu's writing and later Ming "self-revelatory" writing, as well as the confessional diaries of Baptists and Quakers, calling for a comparative study at a future date.
Blues went into the international break on the back of two very good performances - away - but came out of it unsatisfactorily.
Ian Westwood and William Portereld experienced few alarms before play ended early Portereld experienced few alarms before play ended early and deeply unsatisfactorily when, with 26 overs to bowl, umpires Stephen Gale and Richard Illingworth took the players o.
Thompson even unsatisfactorily references some of the black and white photographs he presents; provenance is definitively traced to the collection or publication in which he found the image (i.
Such is the compressed nature of the tournament that England find themselves firmly in do-or-die territory having played just one match - a controversial defeat to New Zealand that was settled somewhat unsatisfactorily on Duckworth/Lewis.
With the ICC it has made it impossible - if ever it was likely - to detain members of the US armed forces for war crimes, even though American courts have acted unsatisfactorily by ICC standards.
There is also a mystery involving a missing child named Possy that is unsatisfactorily resolved ages after the disappearance is first revealed.
In the event that any inquiry is concluded unsatisfactorily, NAB can, and will, institute its own inquiry/investigation," added the statement.
Bonfield concludes, quite reasonably if somewhat unsatisfactorily, that the probate courts, given great discretionary leeway in the period's culture of will-making, simply must have ruled in favor of those litigants who were, with the help of their witnesses and attorneys, best able to craft persuasive narratives about testators, their will-making, and their dying intentions (see esp 106-07, 128-29, 154-55, and 175-76).
However, the Olympic circus may come to the Bosporus in 2020 but if Turkey performs as unsatisfactorily sportively then as it did in the last three weeks, the benefits for the guest country will be limited.